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About A-Grade Teak Furniture

Teak Furniture Teak is always the first choice for wooden outdoor furniture. It is a very stable timber, which has a high oil and rubber content creating a built-in water repellent making teak furniture virtually immune to rotting. Teak is highly valued because of its beautiful grain and color and is preferred in furniture building. Read more about our Teak Furniture.  

About Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Reclaimed teak means that the wood was harvested and milled decades ago, crafted into housing, furniture, or flooring, and then is re-crafted into new furniture. All our solid teak has been reclaimed from central Java, Indonesia. Since the original timbers consisted of large old growth trees, this wood is very strong and durable. Find out more about our Reclaimed Teakwood.  See our wonderfully rustic Reclaimed Teak Furniture.

About Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Our Outdoor Wicker Furniture Collection Resin Wicker is a fantastic choice for outdoor furniture because of its durability, weather resistance and ease of care. This is not flimsy plastic. Wicker chairs are strong, sturdy, rigid, ergonomic and comfortable. It is made from an ultra violet inhibited polypropylene. Find out more about our Wicker Outdoor Furniture.  See our vast selection of Outdoor Wicker Furniture.

About Rope Furniture

Rope is an ideal material for outdoor furniture due to its durability, comfort, design versatility, and low maintenance. It pairs beautifully with teak wood due to its neutral color and texture contrast with the warm, golden hues of teak. Both materials are sustainable, making them a responsible choice for eco-conscious homeowners. Together, they create a natural and inviting aesthetic that blends seamlessly into outdoor settings.

About Stainless Steel Furniture

Stainless Steel is selected because of its inherent corrosion resistance, workability and its attractive appearance. Regular maintenance and cleaning of all types of stainless steel is required to keep these attractive attributes. Stainless steel must be kept clean for a long material life. We are known for selling high-end #316 Marine-Grade Stainless Steel. Read more about the Stainless Steel furniture from Teak Warehouse.  Browse our options of Stainless Steel Chairs, Tables, and Umbrellas.

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About Batyline Furniture

Batyline mesh is a French-made material. It is an extremely durable and high quality material consisting of a polyester fiber covered by a coating of PVC, making it nearly impossible to tear. It is 100 percent synthetic and resistant to rot and mildew. It is also highly resistant to UV radiation and fading. Discover more about Batyline Furniture.  Check out our collection of Batyline Mesh Outdoor Furniture.

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About Concrete Furniture

Concrete is a stunning material for the outdoors, and complements wicker and teak furniture well. A statement piece for any modern space, concrete furniture adds a contemporary feel to any outdoor living room.   At Teak Warehouse, we offer the ‘raw’ concrete furniture collection of concrete tables, benches, planters and accents. Find out more about our Concrete options.  Shop our line of contemporary concrete furniture.

About Neptune Outdoor Fabric

Neptune manufactures the fabric that is used in many of our products, such as furniture, cushions, umbrellas and more. Cushions made of Neptune fabric are durable enough to stay outside. However through the winter we recommend that you store inside against the harsh snow and rain. Learn more about Neptune.  See which pieces come with Neptune®.

About Powder Coated Aluminum and Steel Outdoor Furniture

Information about and care of Powder Coated and Galvanized Metals; Powder Coated Aluminum   Powder coated aluminum is a beautiful and durable material for outdoor furniture. It is lightweight, corrosion resistant and very good looking. Powder coating is a polyester based coating. Learn more our Galvanized and Powder Coated Metals.  See our  thoroughly modern aluminum furniture

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