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Click for Concrete Outdoor Furniture Care InstructionsConcrete is a stunning material for the outdoors, and complements wicker and teak furniture well. A statement piece for any modern space, concrete furniture adds a contemporary feel to any outdoor living room.

It is important to note that as a natural product, concrete can and will develop cracks and fine lines. This does not affect the integrity or durability of these natural concrete products. When buying concrete outdoor products, one should be comfortable with these naturally occurring aesthetics as they develop over time. If you are not comfortable with the way that natural concrete will age, we invite you to look at our other available materials for outdoor furniture. We love the look of concrete outdoor furniture and so do many of our clients. This concrete furniture is exceptionally beautiful and well made and built to be outdoors full-time.

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At Teak Warehouse, we offer the ‘raw’ concrete furniture collection of concrete tables, benches, planters and accents. Our concrete furniture is a composite blend of concrete and resin. As a glass-reinforced composite, it is about 50 percent lighter than pure concrete. This makes the pieces easier to maneuver and move into place. Choose from concrete dining tables, benches and stools, side tables and planters.


Pair the minimalistic look of our Raw concrete patio furniture and accessories with the shine of stainless steel, the vivid color of plastics or even the warmth of wood or wicker. Teak outdoor furniture makes an especially interesting choice as the wood weathers to a gray tone similar to the Raw concrete yet retains its natural texture.

Move the furniture or accessories indoors to lend a modern industrial style to your home’s decor. Rest a Raw concrete bowl on a wood table for an interesting contrast, or arrange books or flowers on the side table. Used indoors or out, concrete dining tables are easy to match to your favorite style of seating, casual or sleek, funky or contemporary.

Several of our Raw concrete products are available in different sizes to suit your design perfectly.

All of our concrete furniture is reinforced in some way, to ensure it lasts a very long time and holds it’s integrity. It also helps to keep the weight down on these pieces, to make using them much more enjoyable.


We offer rustic, antiqued Pots as well, which are Reinforced and finished differently than the above concrete pieces. Details are as follows:

Lightweight reinforced concrete offers an organic take on a high tech combination of materials. It offers the same longevity as concrete, with enhanced durability to the structure of the item, as well as a significant reduction in weight. Teak Warehouse uses a concrete mix made for daily outdoor use and utilizes a finish meant to provide a specific look. The reinforcement media ensures that the products using reinforced concrete last a long time and always look great. The concrete is a natural material, the reinforcement media is a synthetic material, which means you get light weight and high durability. Pots as described are finished with a different finish than the other pieces and include a rust colored finish on parts of the pots.

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