Sun a bit too much or just looking for a stylish way to tie your outdoor living area together?  Relax in a cool sanctuary under one of Teak Warehouse’s umbrellas and create your own comfortable and inviting retreat.

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Stay Cool in Style

Wish to beat the heat without sacrificing the decor of your outdoor furniture ensemble?  Teak Warehouse has you covered with our stylish and durable assortment of umbrellas.  Available in a variety of colors, our umbrellas are made to last while still fitting in with your personal oasis.  For a more traditional look, check out our Monterey UmbrellaFeaturing a large 9-foot octagon canopy made of Canvas colored solution-dyed acrylic, it offers superior durability and resistance to fading, mold, and mildew.  The canopy is supported by a sturdy silver pole with a diameter of 1.5 inches, which ensures that the umbrella remains stable and secure, even in windy conditions.

Shady Convenience at your Fingertips

For a more controllable shade, look no further than our Antigua Round Cantilever UmbrellaDesigned with convenience in mind, this umbrella rotates 360° from the fixed horizontal position, allowing you to easily provide shade where it is needed. It can even tilt, giving you even more options for sun protection. Finally, the mechanism to move, adjust, open, and close this outdoor umbrella is incredibly easy to use, making it perfect for family gatherings where younger hands may be wanting to adjust it.

Never Fear the Wind Again

Worried your umbrella may be kidnapped by the wind?  Teak Warehouse also offers an assortment of weighted umbrella bases, both for stationary and mobile use.  A great mobile option would be the Antigua/Mauritius Cantilever Umbrella BaseThis heavy-duty base weighs in at 275lbs, ensuring that your umbrella will remain secure and stable. Additionally the base is designed with four rubber wheels, allowing you to easily move the umbrella to wherever you need shade in your outdoor living area.

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Be the first to know about specials, new products, outdoor furniture design tips and more! 

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