Concrete Outdoor Furniture Care


Concrete is, by nature, a porous material and therefore, susceptible to staining. In our concrete furniture, there is a sealant put in the concrete mix when our tables are manufactured to protect them against marks and minor stains.

With this sealant, there should be a little maintenance to keep your concrete tables looking new. Prolonged contact with overly acidic, heavily pigmented or alkali substances should be avoided. We recommend cleaning any spills as quickly as possible. If proper care is taken, your concrete table will look great and natural for many occasions.

While concrete seems the perfect surface for using as a cutting board or a trivet, we don’t recommend using your concrete table or counter top this way. We recommend avoiding cutting and using hot pans directly on your concrete table to keep it looking it’s best. Alternatively, using a high quality cutting board or trivet is recommended.

Concrete furniture from Teak Warehouse is made to be stunning and practical, but it is made from organic materials. The surface is treated at the factory to give a more even surface finish, color depth and protection against moisture. While it is probably unlikely that you will even need to worry about losing the good looks of your concrete furniture from Teak Warehouse, we encourage you to keep the information above, in mind.

We caution against use of caustic acids to clean or resurface concrete furniture by Teak Warehouse. Such caustic acids have historically been used to clean pools, sidewalks or other porous, all concrete surfaces. These acids actually etch the surface and change the structure of the concrete at the surface level. Our concrete is made to have a denser and cleaner look; such etching from caustic acids would change that clean, smooth look as is present on your new concrete furniture.

Additionally, we caution against high-pressure cleaning, as with pressurized water or chemicals. Using a garden hose should be enough pressure to clean the concrete. For normal spills, a quick wipe up and gentle “scrub” with a cotton cloth or similar, should be enough to clean up the mess. For stains, which contain dark colors or have been sitting longer than a normal spill, you can use a mild soap and a slightly more aggressive “scrubbing” with a cloth as above. If you prefer, you can use a standard mild household chlorine bleach, available in most retail stores or big box stores, diluted to a weak mixture of about 1/3 bleach to 2/3 water. Use this mixture over the entire surface you wish to clean, to ensure even cleaning.

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To care for your reinforced concrete item, please utilize careful judgment. It is in fact a durable and forgiving material, but that does not mean you should expose it to harsh chemicals or mechanical cleaning methods which could damage the outer finish. Instead, we recommend you use a soft brush with natural or synthetic bristles, utilizing very light pressure and water, to clean the reinforced concrete items we sell.

Generally speaking, there should be no need for abrasive cleaners if normal maintenance and cleaning takes place. We do not recommend using abrasives to clean this type of material.


General Note about cleaning lightweight concrete from Teak Warehouse:

NOTE: while for many applications it MAY be safe to use muriatic acid/hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid, or other strong chemicals to clean concrete, DO NOT use these cleaners to clean the items we sell made from reinforced concrete. This WILL damage the beautiful finish on the outside of the concrete. Such chemical cleaners are not applicable for use on this type of material.