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Resin Wicker is a fantastic choice for outdoor furniture because of its durability, weather resistance and ease of care. This is not flimsy plastic. Wicker chairs are strong, sturdy, rigid, ergonomic and comfortable. It is made from an ultra violet inhibited polypropylene. The outer layer consists of high-density resin which forms a hard outer shell. The interior is constructed of an expanded resin. Wicker has become popular as an affordable option for durable, modern outdoor furniture. Wicker furniture is perfect for both commercial and residential outdoor environments. At Teak Warehouse we only use high end fibers such as Viro®, Rehau® and Ecolene. We manufacture our outdoor wicker furniture in Indonesia.

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Another great thing about resin wicker is that it remains cool to the touch even under the hot sun. This makes it fantastic for the pool or patio area. Wicker is resistant to the outdoors, chlorine and suntan oils. This outdoor living patio furniture won’t warp, crack or mildew.

Cushions made of Neptune™ fabric are durable enough to stay outside. However through the winter we recommend that you store inside against the harsh snow and rain to ensure that they are clean and ready for use on that first warm spring day, you should store your cushions with care.

We have a wide selection of resin chairs at wholesale prices. Our wicker outdoor chairs look good in both glossy and matte finish and go well with our patio dining tables or as poolside seating. Ergonomically designed, our resin chairs are shaped to conform to the shape of your body for total comfort and maximum relaxation.

Viro® Wicker

Viro® Wicker is a favorite here at Teak Warehouse. This impressive material is stunning as well as being resistant to the outdoor elements. The fibers are shaped and hand-woven onto aluminum frames creating durable and beautiful outdoor furniture. Viro® is Polyethylene-based and able to withstand outdoor use. It feels smooth to the touch and is toxin-free. It can also boast that it is environmentally friendly and recyclable. It is able to handle the degradation that comes with UV rays and salt water. You won’t have to worry about tearing or rotting either. It is made to be low maintenance, but we do recommend keeping it clean. You can do this by hosing it down on a gentle setting or use a cloth with warm water to wipe clean. Along with being durable for outdoor use it is not heavy to move making it easy to refresh and rearrange your outdoor space. If you have any questions about Viro® wicker please call us today. Some of our favorite collections made with Viro® Wicker are the Paulo and Austin Collections.

Rehau® Wicker

Rehau® is just one of the high-end materials that we use for our outdoor wicker furniture. It is polymer-based, which makes it usable outdoors, but also looks fabulous indoors. The wicker appears and feels natural to the touch. It is also lightweight making sure that it is easy to move around your patio.

Some of the best qualities are that it is highly resistant to the outdoor elements as well as being environmentally friendly. You won’t have to worry about the harsh sun because it is UV resistant. This makes it perfect for lounging on next to your swimming pool on a hot summer day. It is strong and durable and will not easily tear making it perfect for parties and events. Rehau® is easy to care for. We suggest that you keep it clean to always look its best. A simple hosing off with a low setting works well. Or you can use a damp cloth, warm water and a mild detergent.

Ecolene® Wicker

Ecolene® outdoor wicker fiber is a new addition on the world wide circuit of polyethylene materials. Earning its right to be in the top line of suppliers with its qualifying reach certification for an eco-friendly green footprint. This is an incredible material for outdoor use. It has been developed to meet all standard specifications for outdoor use. It is a polyethylene synthetic wicker that is highly resistance to different temperatures, cracking and corrosion yet maintains a natural look and feel.

One of the many things we love about Ecolene® wicker is the color options that are available. The color is bright and consistent for the entire weave as well as being eco-friendly. The colorants are free of heavy metals. The textured surface feels smooth like natural rattan. Ecolene® is resistant to moisture and made to endure the problems that come with the exposure to sunlight. It is designed to be low maintenance, but we do recommend a quick cleaning every so often to keep it looking beautiful. Use a damp cloth, warm water and mild detergent to wipe it clean. You can also use a low setting pressure hose to clean between the tight weave.

You can feel very confident about purchasing our furniture made with Viro®, Rehau® or Ecolene® outdoor wicker. If you have more questions, please contact us at 1.800.343.7707. We are happy to help you create a comfortable long lasting outdoor space.

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