About A-Grade Teak Furniture

About A-Grade Teak Furniture

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Teak is always the first choice for wooden outdoor furniture. It is a very stable timber, which has a high oil and rubber content creating a built-in water repellent making teak furniture virtually immune to rotting. Teak is highly valued because of its beautiful grain and color and is preferred in shipbuilding and furniture making. Teak is strong and durable, almost immune to decay and contains an oil that is resistant to insects.


The teak wood used to make our premium quality Teak Furniture is harvested from a government-controlled forest in Indonesia in accordance with sustainable forestry practices. We use Javanese teak in the manufacture of our teak furniture. The first plantations on the island of Java were planted by the Dutch, who were the colonial power at the time, in the mid 1800s, making them some of the oldest teak farms in the world. These plantations are now owned by the Indonesian government agency Perum Perhutani, which is responsible for the control of these teak farms. They allow the felling of only a limited number of trees each year, to promote the farms’ reforestation.

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We use only the highest quality solid teak in our furniture, often referred to as grade A, super grade A or triple A grade. Lesser manufacturers often use teak veneer to cover inferior, less durable material.

A number of manufacturers use B or C grade teak which is teak with imperfections, often in the form of small holes. Fillers are used to cover these imperfections. Then an oil or stain is used to hide the filler or cover the black or white wood or “eyes” (knots) in these inferior products. Be aware whenever you see teak with oil or stain on it. In this inferior product, it is likely that cheap glue, steel screws, external screw heads and inferior construction methods are used.

The teak wood tree grows to 150 ft (46m) in height and is 3 to 8 ft (0.9 to 2.4m) in diameter at the base. The leaves are among the largest in the world, 2 ft (.61m) long and 1.5ft (.46m) wide. . The tree also produces small fragrant white flowers that grow in clusters and a fruit the size of a cherry that contains oily seeds.

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Our craftsmanship of every piece of teak furniture is of the highest quality. Individual pieces are made to last a lifetime. Our teak wood is kiln dried which enables us to craft accurately. This also ensures the stability of the finished furniture.

We use timeless techniques including mortise and tenon joinery, marine epoxy glues and solid brass and stainless steel fittings. Our teak furniture pieces, when finished, are sanded with extra fine sandpaper to achieve a silky-smooth finish. Our quality control is exceptional. All our teak patio furniture is made to last a lifetime.

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