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Reclaimed teak has much more character than a-grade teak or any other wood that you would use to construct furniture with. Each piece has its own unique character and the imperfections are what make it so special. The distressed look is really quite beautiful. Every nook, nail, dent and scratch tell a story. The wood has traveled the world and has its own history. Reclaimed teak wood can be very rustic and vintage looking, but you can always make it more contemporary with accent pieces. These pieces are versatile and will compliment many outdoor spaces. For more information about our distressed, aged and reclaimed teak wood, please call us today.

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The old teak wood is cleaned to remove old finishes, varnishes, oils, and dirt. Craftsmen cut and shape the wood into planks which is used to build the products. The wood is then kiln-dried (when necessary).


Our reclaimed teak furniture is made in our facility in central Java, Indonesia. Our craftsmen there build with the same attention that is required for our outdoor teak furniture collection. We use epoxy glues and marine quality hardware. The furniture piece is finished to the desired distressed look. Finally, for some pieces a patina finish is wiped on. Each piece is individual — no two pieces are exactly the same.

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