Furniture for an Expansive Lawn Space

A surplus of expansive, pliable outdoor space faintly characterized by the amount of amorphous space paired with the privilege of its unrestricted conditions results in a clean starting point. Without limits, an expansive lawn draws inspiration from its inhabitants and creates a design approach that feels like an extension of the home’s architecture. Deciding how to approach an exterior design project will help determine the appropriate best lawn furniture that is suitable for the space. With an imaginative mind and an alluring tone, the encouragement for one to finesse an environment to share coincides with the process of being reclaimed by nature.

In this blog post, we explore several ways to approach an exterior design project for a large open backyard space to help inspire and guide you in the process.

Somerset Teak Trestle Dining Tables-0
Somerset Teak Trestle Dining Table

Mixed Matter

The role of the home is always evolving, demonstrating that outdoor living has become a common staple of the modern-day adobe. Designing a backyard space with interior versions of rooms to expand a private residences’ useable space currently dominates the conversation.

One way to approach an undistinguished area is to create a dual function within one space. Using an open floor concept, place an outdoor dining room on one side and an outdoor living room on the other. Choosing wooden lawn furniture with minimalistic silhouettes and a sturdy construction stands up to the natural elements while setting a casual, lived-in tone, capturing the luxury of simplicity. The Somerset Dining Table paired with the matching Somerset Bench placed on one side of the dining table while using the Albert Wicker Dining Chairs for the ends and opposing side offers a sense of rustic modernism that’s approachable and welcoming, creating a timeless distinction. These furnishings are oversized and make a bold impact on an exterior and won’t be overwhelmed by the size of the lawn. Off to the side, arrange an outdoor living room, keeping the style cohesive, with a collection like the Kuba Collection made from a-grade teak like the dining table and bench. Arrange the club chair, loveseat, and sofa in a formation suitable to the shape of the space for an expansive outdoor living room. The Kuba Coffee Table can be placed in the center of the arrangement to create a focal point. Adding a couple of the Adirondack Chairs conveys a similar casual tone that’s present throughout. Once mealtime is over, guests can move over to the seating area to relax and enjoy gathering and conversing, creating a memorable evening.

Granada Sofa And Club Chairs
Granada Collection in White

Play It Forward

When a spacious lawn couples with warm, dreamy summer days, there’s an instinctual pull to indulge in the whimsical and auspicious elements of the season. Setting up an outdoor media room can be the perfect solution for an expansive lawn. Furnish an area by prioritizing comfort with Adirondack furniture styles like the Granada Collection that features a loveseat and club chair in a reclining style to optimize relaxation. Create intimacy by adding a Contempo Fire Pit in the center of the Granada Collection to bring in a layer of glowing warmth and ambiance. On one side of the lawn, the option to set up a projector screen for movie viewing under the stars creates a rare backyard alchemy. The Granada Outdoor Furniture Collection provides a place to recline and enjoy an outdoor movie or a weekend sports game with friends. If the area is exposed to the sun for long periods, adding an offset umbrella like the Mauritius Cantilever Umbrella will block out harsh UV rays and keep the space shaded and cool. Characterized by sleek design and performance, an outdoor media room brings an added sense of variety and functionality to an expansive backyard lawn.

lutyens bench in teak 3 seat
Lutyens 3 Seat Teak Bench

Informal Tradition

With a large lawn, there’s a high chance that a swimming pool is not far behind. Surrounded by lush green grass contrasted by the bright aqua tone of glittering water, it imbues a striking ensemble of elemental beauty that lays the foundation for a traditional approach to an exterior. Respectively, the accents should formulate a similar feeling while ushering in a sartorial influence. An adjacent sitting area decorated with classics that meet the moment conceptualizes a distinct yet unabashedly feminine space. Wood lawn furniture like the Lutyens Bench and Relaxing Chair embrace a sense of purity that relates to space and form. The detailed design creates a fusion of rich organic grade-a teak and a structured technique that brings definition and tone to the area. The honey-toned teak wood offers a welcome contrast for the backdrop of a sophisticated swimming pool and yard that adheres to convention.  Use an outdoor wood table like the Round Teak Folding Tables for an impromptu lunch after a long day in the pool for a casual and effortless dining option.

Play in the open air, dine alfresco, and clink drinks poolside. These outdoor pleasures should remain paramount when deciding what to do with an unadorned lawn, to some an overwhelming task to others an opportunity for discovery. No matter which side you fall in, Teak Warehouse offers the convenience of a vast selection of durable lawn furniture and accessories to decorate your space. Teak Warehouse is open 7 days a week and available for showroom viewings by appointment. All furnishings come fully assembled and available for immediate delivery to reduce the wait time for your pieces to arrive. If you have any questions, request a quote, or make an appointment to view our showroom, call us at 800.343.7707 or email us [email protected].

We look forward to helping you plan your outdoor yard space today!

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