Three Super Swivel Chairs

Dynamic, functional, and versatile elements intersect to deliver a specific quality reserved for something daringly innovative. The swivel chair, recognized for its diverse abilities, continues to fascinate with its historical beginnings and evolution of designs, each era making its mark on this iconic chair. Originally created by Thomas Jefferson around 1775 while drafting the Declaration of Independence, the swivel chair has adapted to numerous style concepts and usages, being known as the most versatile chair to date.

This post discusses the various styles and functions of Teak Warehouses’ most popular lines of outdoor swivel chairs and outdoor dining furniture and how to introduce them into your exterior.

Loop Wicker Swivel Bar Stool With Cushion
Loop Swivel Bar Stool in dusky charcoal

Loop Swivel Chair: For Bars and Counters

A well-designed at-home bar goes beyond a fully stocked liquor cabinet. The arrangement and furnishings of the space, in order to impress visitors, will require a variety of spirited accents that offer inspiring elements, conceptually important to provoke thought and conversation. The Loop Swivel Bar Stool (left) makes its mark with its retro-inspired silhouette and layered materials of outdoor wicker, powder-coated aluminum, and Neptune™ cushions that elevates bar design. The swivel feature on these outdoor swivel bar stools allows 360° views changing scenes without notice to experience the full spectrum of gorgeous landscape or city views.

The Loop Swivel Counter Chair is an alternative option for counter-style bar settings typically built into an outdoor kitchen that offers the same appeal as the outdoor bar stools. Each adds a dynamic element of fun designed with modernity and sophistication while making it comfortable.

Sammie White Wicker Swivel Dining Chair
Sammie Swivel Dining Chair in white

Sammie Swivel Chair: For Dining

With a trademark classic flair and a penchant for refreshed accents, bringing in a seamless melding of past and present, the outdoor swivel dining chair peacefully coexists with contemporary ease. The white woven wicker and angular profile of the Sammie Outdoor Swivel Dining Chair (right) transcend design eras to adapt to its setting. Using swivel dining deck chairs in an exterior dining area fosters a sense of a casual, lived-in aesthetic paired with a tailored approach to hospitality, making company feel relaxed. The swivel dining chairs make a stylish addition to an office environment for aesthetically driven commercial space’s desire for more refinement to embrace a sleek modernism. Arrange the outdoor swivel dining chairs around a large conference table is a welcome departure from the austere, traditional office chair to elevate the space.

Sunai chair - brown - angle
Sunai Swivel Relaxing Chair

Sunai Swivel Chair: For Relaxing

Inspiring a desire to slow down, embraced by an aura of leisure and luxury works to finesse an environment of alluring relaxation. The Sunai Swivel Relaxing Chairs make a bold impact on an outdoor living room. Created with a dramatic high back design and a breathable open weave for an airy frame, the Sunai Swivel Relaxing Chairs (right) come in three styles. One design is a classic wicker design and then two variations of woven outdoor rope for a hint of a modern edge. Outdoor relaxing swivel chairs are great for media rooms where there’s a mounted TV, giving front row seating with several swivel relaxing chairs that can rotate around to face the center of an outdoor living room for socializing and gathering. The added mobility creates a more engaged and flexible space that results in achieving a space that offers the intent of entertainment and conversation with an updated, modernized stylized aesthetic.

A chair with an impressive beginning, acts with meaning and purpose, the swivel chair offers the unexpected while transforming a private residence. Efforts to make our homes engaging, where each piece strives to deliver character, longevity, and creativity. Teak Warehouse offers a wide selection of outdoor furnishings to help make the most out of your exterior. All furnishings come fully assembled and available for delivery. We are open 7 days a week and our showroom is open to the public by appointment only. Continue to browse our online catalog for inspiration. Call us at 800.343.7707 or email us at [email protected] with any questions or to request a quote.

We look forward to helping you plan your outdoor space today!

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