Furniture for a Glorious Garden Space

An endless vision of luscious greenery with a layered and curving direction to nowhere has a hypnotic effect that pulls you inward. An exterior heavily influenced by its garden reveals its effects and requires a specific design approach to avoid its fixtures from upstaging what nature already gorgeously does on its own. An affinity for sophistication and feminine details commingle to elevate a garden setting that offers a relaxed yet elegant escape.

In this post, we consider garden-centric spaces and their design principles that evoke the nostalgic luxury of a forest retreat.

Classic Jumbo Teak Bench


An exaggerated scale of overgrown vines and perennials creates a primordial version of luxury that encourages a sense of wanderlust. Focusing on pieces that aren’t overly contrived or too perfect imbues a calming and comforting space that mimics its surroundings. An outdoor wooden bench like the Classic Jumbo Teak Bench (right) or our 3-seater Lutyens Bench made from a-grade teak wood acts as the perfect garden bench for a woodsy retreat.

River Teak Wood Natural Coffee Table

The Tessa Rope Club Chair is an alternative option that brings an elementally feminine design and a gently cultivated neutral color palette that properly combines a reimaging of a contemporary approach to a conventionally traditional space. Made from powder-coated aluminum, UV-treated rope, and Neptune™ fabric with grand dimensions, this relaxing chair reflects a similar effect to wicker garden furniture resulting in a fitting garden seat. Tie the scene together by adding an earthy coffee table like the River Organic Teak Coffee Table (left) or continue with the contemporary motif with the Blok Concrete Rectangular Coffee Table in Black.


Albert Outdoor Wicker Dining Chair


A thoughtful use of form engages a garden dining space with garden wood furniture while creating layers with spirited details that embrace a timeless distinction. The Sutherland Dining Table offers a stillness that seems to tap into a back-to-the-woods type of innocence, drawing upon an almost sacred tone. Nature can be chaotic, and when you try and frame it, you can create a focal point for your dining area. Garden style concepts work best when designs are meant to be mixed and matched, interwoven, and rooted in tradition. Considering pairing the dining table with chairs like the Albert Outdoor Wicker Dining Side Chair (right) placed at the opposing ends of the table and line the sides with a chair like the Joan Stackable Dining Chair for an eclectic mix.


teak and iron candle holder box
Barnes Outdoor Candle Box Holder

Create a rich and immersive experience, a reminder of nature’s boundless alchemy that quietly transports onlookers to rediscover the wild beauty and lushness of nature. Garden décor capitalizes on rarity and the feminine to enhance rather than restrict. Hang string lights and place candle box holders like the Barnes Candle Box Holder sporadically about to create a dreamy glow that’s warm and inviting. Placing the Blok Concrete Candlesticks in multiples and in varying heights on the dining table or accent tables brings a sense of whimsy that highlights a sophisticated elegance. Accent tables of reclaimed teak wood or textured wicker coffee tables compliments the space while other accents like the Bobbi Ladder Teak Bookcase are ideal for gardens. Display small potted plants or other décor items that draw upon an old-world charm.

Evoking the seamless connection between your natural landscape and the architectural moments brings a balanced aesthetic fit for a garden. Capture the noble side of simplicity by focusing on the light, space, and texture of the environment and let the soft curves and restrained color effortlessly blend in. Teak Warehouse takes a design-minded approach to style to provide various style concepts that defines traditional style to contemporary garden aesthetics. All furnishings come fully assembled and available for immediate delivery to reduce any wait time for your pieces to arrive. Teak Warehouse is open 7 days a week and available for showroom viewings by appointment. If you have any questions, would like to request a quote, or make an appointment to view our showroom, call us at 800.343.7707 or email us [email protected].

We look forward to helping you plan your outdoor garden space today!

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