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Contemporary settings give the impression that the space evolved naturally, with unrestraint and grace. Often times, mistaken for modernism, which was developed between the 1920s through to the 1950s, contemporary style can be hard to pin down. It’s continuously evolving to fit the current styles of the 21st century. However, there are a few defining characteristics that seem to qualify the genre with more precision. Traditionally, an emerging trend would develop as a reaction to its predecessor, but contemporary style takes the unconventional approach and tends to borrow and build upon the style of modernism.

Contemporary outdoor furniture design features simple elements and a subtle sophistication that focuses on a deliberate use of texture and clean lines. This design mode is set apart with its emphasis on individuality and bridging the interior and exterior together. In this post, we explore how to bring a contemporary essence to each exterior area regarding lounging, dining, and accents.

Copenhague Outdoor Sectional Sofa
Copenhague Sectional Collection


Approaching design with an architectural-like pedigree elevates a space with a forbearance for quiet and graceful exteriors. Encompassing the main tenants of contemporary design, the Copenhague Sectional Collection (pictured above) embraces the less is more adage. Structural and basic elements juxtapose midcentury modern influence throughout this modern high-end furniture collection, making it succinctly contemporary. This 5 piece outdoor living room collection features a club chair, loveseat, corner chair, center chair, and coffee table and crafted from reclaimed teak wood that offers soft undulations of teak wood through a solid design principle that focuses on clean lines and livable textiles. The texture-rich and relaxed fabrics of the Neptune™ cushions outfitted on each piece brings a subtle contrast to the wooden frame, giving the overall impression of a casual and inviting fixture.

Illusion Dining Table With Cross Legs
Illusion Outdoor Dining Table


Striking a balance between what’s creative yet conventional exists somewhere between understated and outrageous, and the effect is a completely engaging space. Embracing a bolder profile, the Illusion Outdoor Dining Table (left) has a classic silhouette with geometric proportions made from an all-black powder-coated aluminum frame that adds strength without the weight. The straightforward design is congruent with contemporary style that delivers an undeniable clarity. Pair the dining table with a mix of dining chairs and a bench like the Nero Rope Dining Chair made from similar materials as the table and a vertical rope design that showcases movement and fluidity, a beautiful contradiction of material and form. Place two of the dining chairs with arms at the opposing ends of the table while lining one side of the table with the chairs without arms, and on the other side situate the Raw Modern Lightweight Outdoor Concrete Bench. The waterfall style of the bench makes a seamless, sleek perfectionism to compliment the set. This contemporary outdoor dining room telegraphs a distinct design sensibility that’s richly layered and utterly cohesive.

suzi outdoor contemporary stools in coal and taupe with tray
Suzi Outdoor Stools


Bringing in a layer of domesticated accents to your modern patio furniture results in the indoor-outdoor living style that is so central to the contemporary concept. Bare, neutral, and approachable attributes echoes the contemporary sensibility with accents like the Studio One Outdoor Rug that can be added to the dining or living room space that refrains from feeling cluttered. Soft accents are also a highlight of contemporary design as they communicate the relaxed luxury defined by a comfortable mood and a welcoming gesture towards guests and inhabitants. The Suzi Outdoor Stools (right) are made from Neptune™ fabrics and can be used for seating or additional surface space for decorative accents. Always considering the comfort of the area, if the dining and living rooms have direct exposure to the sun, using a modern patio umbrella like the Tiki Square Umbrella in Black (below) will keep you and your space protected from any harsh rays. Visually soft accents in a neutral color palette reflect the desires of homeowners and designers; the result distinctly defines contemporary style as rich, casual, and relaxed, resulting in an effortless assembly of space.

tiki square patio umbrella black
Tiki Square Umbrella in Black

Contemporary style aims to offer comfort without sacrificing style. Intuitively blending your space together in a way that lets it unfold naturally, giving the sense of individuality and cohesiveness. Teak Warehouse strives to deliver modern outdoor furniture with quality, character, and longevity in each expertly crafted piece so you can create the right outdoor room for the home or commercial space. Rich fabrics, innovative design, and sustainable materials are part of each residential and modern commercial outdoor furniture fixture to carry the space through season after season. All furnishings come fully assembled with minimal wait times so you can enjoy your exterior as quickly as possible. Teak Warehouse is open 7 days a week and open for showroom viewings by appointment. To request a quote, schedule an appointment, or need a question answered, please call us at 800.343.7707 or email us at [email protected].

We look forward to helping you plan your outdoor space today!

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