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Designing a space around your lifestyle brings a sense of intention, allowing its presence to energize and feel meaningful and functional to the space’s occupants. There are several reasons one might need a substantially sizeable outdoor dining area. Perhaps due to having a large family, you often entertain or plan to design a commercial space that requires ample seating. There are reasons to seek out a large, oversized dining table (or two) for your exterior to make gatherings and meal times effortless and stylish.

There are a few measurement standards recognized by industry professionals and designers that can help navigate the search for the right-sized table for your space and the number of people you anticipate accommodating. Standard dining table lengths in inches and the number of people that can comfortably fit is as follows:

6 People: 54-66 inches

10 People: 72-84 inches

12 People: 96-108 inches

14 People: 120 inches

Teak Warehouse knows that each residential or commercial space has a specific vision and idea of how to create its ideal dining area. Offering numerous styles of large dining tables that are available in several sizes remains a central priority. In this post, we explore our selection of large dining tables and extendable dining tables for their sizing and appropriateness to the space and the occasion.

Capri Teak Double Extension Dining Table
Capri Teak Double Extension Dining Table


For those who come alive at each turn of the season, contemplating what kind of dinner party to entrance guests with or find themselves in the excitement of envisioning an elegant outdoor luncheon, the artful expression of these gatherings goes beyond the aesthetic to offer the joyful occasion of bringing people together. The veteran host knows exactly what to anticipate but if this is a newer hobby or borne out of current circumstances, knowing the right size dining table for your space is paramount.

One of our most functional extension dining tables is the Capri Double Extension Dining Table (right). This outdoor wooden table goes above and beyond to accommodate, it has three adjustable lengths with our largest version available at 86 inches when closed, 98 inches for the middle length adjustment, and 110 inches for the full-length extension to seat up to 12 people. Depending on the dining chairs and the occasion, you may be able to fit a couple extra guests in there. The eased edges of the Capri oval design can add to the convenience of optimizing the number of seats available versus a square shaped table where the linear angles might prevent optimizing the available space.

Somerset Teak Trestle Dining Tables-0
Somerset Teak Trestle Dining Table


Having a large family can be wonderful. You have lots of people to spend time with and do activities with but when it comes to mealtime things can get a little overwhelming. From making sure to have enough food prepared to ensuring everyone is comfortable can be a lot to account for. Planning outdoor dinners elevates mealtime making it an exciting activity, especially if you have little ones. Outdoor dining is always less formal and using a table like the Somerset Teak Trestle Dining Table (right) that’s casual in its design but still maintains a high level of quality as it’s completely crafted from a-grade teak wood that is sustainable and long lasting. The Somerset Dining Table comes in three sizes 79 inches, 98 inches, and 118 inches. The legs of this trestle dining table are positioned in a way that won’t obstruct any seating arrangements so you can use all the available space.

large rectangular teak dining table
Long Island Large Teak Dining Table


Hospitality spaces are slightly different than residential spaces because generally there’s more available space. When you have a large number of people many places have the capacity to join tables together or reserve an entire area perhaps when hosting an event or special occasion. For locations with mild climates and access to outdoor space large grade-a teak dining tables are made to withstand most weather conditions, are naturally high in oil to keep the wood healthy, and are not susceptible to insect damage making them highly sought after. Also given the high volume of use, a restaurant or resort dining experience, a table like our Long Island Teak Dining Table (right) can sustain such usage. This table is available in two sizes; one that is 78.7 inches long and the next size up is 102.4 inches long. This standard dining table is utilitarian in nature but upon sitting down you can immediately recognize the quality and craftsmanship that’s present throughout, transcending function to provide a relaxed luxury.

Enjoying time outside is always made easier with the right furnishings for you individual space. Having a large dining table encourages people to gather around and makes them feel welcome. Teak Warehouse use premium materials for all of our outdoor dining tables and extendable patio dining tables so that could last season after season while becoming an integral part of your home. All outdoor furniture pieces come fully assembled and available for delivery so there is minimal wait time so you can start enjoying your new exterior as soon as possible. Teak Warehouse is open 7 days a week and open for showroom viewings by appointment. To request a quote, schedule an appointment, or need a question answered please call us at 800.343.7707 or email us at [email protected].

We look forward to helping you plan your outdoor space today!

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