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There’s an interaction that is individual to each urban city that happens between the architecture, historical context, and nature that informs its relationship to its occupants. Following a sense of harmony and balance, a private residence oftentimes reflects and becomes an extension of the city itself. Whether you’re new to a city or a longtime resident interested in giving your exterior an update, be influenced by the locale to create an engaging space for an intentionally integrated outdoor room.

In this post, we explore a variety of design styles to consider when planning your urban exterior.

Sammie White Wicker Bar Stool
Sammie White Wicker Bar Stool

Casually Contemporary

A residence that recalls the fundamental building blocks of design traditions while combining styles for a layered, dimensional look results in a space that’s full of unique personality. Oftentimes, urban dwellings might have limited exterior space, presenting the challenge to find ways to optimize every available square inch. However, one way to meet a contemporary style concept while simultaneously prioritizing function is to designate a couple of separate smaller spaces to enjoy in your exterior.

Create a casual bar setting with pieces like the Sammie Swivel Bar Height Stool (right) and the Prima Teak Bar Table that combines opposing materials for an effortless contrast. The bar table is slender for space-conscious residences and can fold away in case you need to free up any space. The outdoor swivel bar stools are great for urban spaces that allow you to rotate the chair for a full 360° view. Continuing with the modern design motif, using contemporary outdoor furniture for a small leisure area including outdoor lounge chairs offers incredible comfort with a woven pattern in precise mathematical proportions with a hint of a modern edge. To embrace a sense of imperfection, pair these chairs with the Woodrock Teak Coffee Table that invites nature’s delicate tension of weathered wood and monolithic beauty. The space will cater to a modest approach to design that’s approachable and functional, creating a casually contemporary space for urban dwellers.

Cabo Sectional Patio Furniture
Cabo Teak Outdoor Furniture Collection

Timelessly Traditional

When living in an urban city that offers innovation, design, business, and leisure, it can be a rescue to return to a home where the softer side of life lives. A traditionally inspired space gives you grace and the allowance to pause with appreciation. Materials like a-grade and reclaimed teak wood bring a layer of understated and informal luxury that welcomes you in. Our teak outdoor sectionals like the Cabo Teak Deep Seating Collection (above) and the Kent Street Collection offers relatively modest designs for indulging in relaxing moments. Each modular piece is sold on it’s own, so you can choose the pieces that are right for your space. Both collections feature a coffee table for a fully cohesive set that creates a refined sophistication for your exterior. The premium Neptune™ cushions outfitted for each collection brings a softness and tone that’s indistinguishable from interior textiles. Add accessory items like a Fire Pit and a few concrete planters that create ambiance, definition, and privacy.

Elle Curvy Outdoor Wicker Chair in Black
Elle Relaxing Chair

Bohemian Beauty

A bohemian approach to design feels rooted in tradition, but thoroughly on point to the contemporary eye, the thoughtful use of material and form imbues a residence with a timeless distinction. The Elle Relaxing Chair (right) uses fluid curves and high-density synthetic wicker, evoking a creative presence influenced by a modern interpretation of old-world design aesthetics while its exaggerated scale delivers a sense of relaxed luxury. Introducing texture that’s rich and relaxed evokes a balanced sense of masculine and feminine elements that works when you pair the black chairs with a piece like the River Organic Teak Coffee Table. Sometimes urban areas can make us feel detached from nature. To mitigate that effect such as with the coffee table and moreover with added accents like the Donut Outdoor Relaxing Poufs in multiples create a layered space that connects the resident with a process of being reclaimed by nature.

Perfecting the delicate balance of your private space within the presence of an urban city provides a delectable tension that tends to feel like a necessity. Living within steps of culture, art, and people brings variety while one’s residence can provide a stillness that is also essential to our well-being. Introducing furnishings that takes a calm and comforting approach creates a livable space to provide an escapists dream.  Make your Los Angeles modern furniture destination Teak Warehouse, we offer a variety of outdoor furnishings with quality materials and richly produced textiles to adorn your space. All outdoor furniture pieces come fully assembled and available for delivery so there is minimal wait time so you can start enjoying your new exterior as soon as possible. Teak Warehouse is open 7 days a week and open for showroom viewings by appointment. To request a quote, schedule an appointment, or need a question answered please call us at 800.343.7707 or email us at [email protected].

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