Indoor Style Meets Outdoor Living

Expansion meets continuity, a resounding expression of fluid design elements that work to define indoor-outdoor living. This approach to living emerged as a popular concept for places that tend to experience temperate climates creating an ideal environment for integrating one’s domestic space and nature. Architectural fixtures like floor to ceiling windows, retractable doors, and open floor plans invites home owners to blur the lines between your homes perimeter and its outer limits to make the space feel more expansive. In this post we explore the ways in which one can make a seamless connection between interiors and exteriors.

Sutherland Outdoor Teak Dining Table and Chair Set
Sutherland Outdoor Teak Dining Table and Arm Chair Set

Create the Focal Point

A relaxing seating place or a stylish dining area can help guide the design of your exterior that draws the eye in towards a central point. Creating a direct path or an accessibility point from the main house will create the illusion of an extra room. Maintaining the design aesthetic of your home, to reference and reinforce, creates the fluidity necessary for an indoor-outdoor style concept. Consider an outdoor dining set like the Sutherland Outdoor Dining Table and the Sutherland Dining Arm Chairs, a reclaimed wood furniture set that emanates a warmth and comfort; elements that are typically associated with an interior space are available for the exterior while gracefully extending your living space.

Teak and Rope furniture for outdoors - Kava
The Kava Collection – Teak and Rope Outdoor Furniture

Aesthetic Continuity

Each room inside the home has a purpose that gives the space function and meaning. The exterior, although less formal, can also benefit from some light spatial organization. Perhaps your interior dining room opens out to a deck or patio, placing a lounge area there creates an expansion of the homes imposed physical boundaries. Arranging a sectional sofa or deep seating collection like the Kava Collection helps make a seamless transition between the rooms. The collection features a 3-seater teak and rope sofa, club chair, a modern coffee table, and square teak side table that appropriately feigns the impression of furnishings designed for the interior, delighting its inhabitants with its incomparable design and comfort. Its balanced design makes an indistinguishable impression to onlookers as it blends elements of modern and traditional concepts that redefine exterior living.

Studio one Rug
Studio One Outdoor Rug

Limitless Accents

Banzi Carved Teak Side Table
Banzi Teak Root Table

Since the rising popularity of the indoor-outdoor living aesthetic, furniture designers and fabric manufacturers have responded and the result has encouraged a reimagining of the look and feel of exterior furnishings and fabrics. Focusing on accents that bring the indoors out helps to keep the space personalized and refined. Including domestic elements throughout the exterior helps to maintain the spatial flow while blending the distinguished spaces. Adding outdoor accents like an outdoor rug such as the Studio One Outdoor Rug can help define the space while crafting a boundless environment. Weather resistant outdoor trays like the Handi Outdoor Trays offers a decorative accent to customize the space. Placing the trays atop a wooden side table like the Banzi Teak Root Accent Table mingles design concepts. Quality fabrics like Neptune™ fabrics that are included with many of our umbrellas and furnishings are designed with high performance fibers and techniques that are engineered to be colorfast, resistant to mold, and embody the same softness and comfort as interior fabrics. The previously mentioned Kava Collection includes plush cream-colored Neptune™ cushions that brings in a layer of warmth and an inviting impression to its inhabitants and guests. If you have an outdoor space that experiences a lot of sun exposure, using an umbrella made with Neptune™ fabrics like the Mauritius Cantilever Umbrella will provide superior protection and a luxurious comfort.

outdoor tilting umbrella
Mauritius Cantilever Umbrella

Each homes unique floor plan will require a specific approach but being able to enjoy your homes full capabilities is a common desire among many homeowners. Pushing the boundaries and challenging the rules of convention brings in an undeniable transformative effect for the environment of your home. Teak Warehouse sources a variety of outdoor furnishings offering conceptually focused pieces to fit your personal domestic aesthetic. Each piece comes fully assembled along with minimal wait times so you can enjoy your exterior as quickly as possible. Teak Warehouse is open 7 days a week and the showroom is available for viewing by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, request a quote, or have any questions please call us at 800.343.7707 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to assisting you on your next outdoor project!

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