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Outdoor spaces in urban locations are both uniquely individual and personal while also presenting an ostensibly challenging design project. Unlike suburban spaces, urbanites face the spatial challenge of smaller sized exteriors, often times oddly shaped, and experience the absence of natural elements. However, upon further discovery such qualities are transformed, finding strength through their respective limitations, to create an exterior that’s both functional and aesthetically formidable. High-rise apartment buildings and townhomes enjoy the simple elegance of a balcony or terrace that can be guided by a contemporary style concept to create a gorgeous outdoor escape.

In this post we explore contemporary focused pieces that offer a refined sense of glamour and sophistication, an inexplicable part of metropolis life, to elevate your domestic space.


Pippa aluminum club chair
Pippa Rope and Aluminum Club Chair

Since space can be sparse for city dwellers finding pieces that are both style conscious and spatially aware remain top priority. Oversized relaxing chairs are perfect for urban spaces, the alternative impact and high design concept mixes and mingles for a gentle contemporary gesture. The Pippa Outdoor Relaxing Chair offers deep hues of black and gray in an understated minimalism to create a handsome interpretation of modern design. Use in multiples, depending on the size of your exterior, to capture the sublime side of simplicity. For something more classic in its approach, the Kava Relaxing Chair replicates an organic elegance that meets the moment. A low profile, generous dimensions, and a mixture of industrial inspired rustic materials combine for a modern yet lived-in aesthetic. Its linear design and structural elements reflect the architectural inclinations of the city to showcase a beautiful dynamic. If the space permits, the Kava Relaxing Chair is part of a deep seating collection that features a 3-seater sofa and coffee table to tie the look together.

Nicki Round Concrete Dining Table
Nicki Round Concrete Dining Table


If using your space for alfresco dining or entertaining, a dining table or bar table will be essential to your outdoor ensemble. Being cautious of size, choosing a table that has a round or square shape will allow for enough guests to sit without overcrowding the space. The Nicki Concrete Dining Table provides a subtle presence in a neutral white tone that embraces a contemporary spirit. Slender dining side chairs like the Oliver Wicker Side Chairs in white or black fit around the table to comfortably accommodate all guests. A bar table adds an alluring mood that draws people together. The Urban Counter Height Table is artfully modern and encourages the flow of gatherings and conversation. Select a barstool in a counter height size like the Urban Counter Height stools with an intriguing rope design in sharp, sporty lines.

origami outdoor planter set
Origami Outdoor Planters in Dark Lava Tone


Cool furniture deserves equally impressive accents that work to layer a contemporary space with pieces that update and modernize. As modern urbanites can attest, the lack of nature can sometimes be perceived as cold or inhospitable so many like to bring in abundance of natural elements to make up for the absence of greenery. Opting for planters that have an organic natural design like the Origami Planters made from synthetic wicker in a linear design featured in a dark lava tone or something more instinctual as the natural shade exhibits is textured and takes on a fluid movement that works to highlight its contemporary earthy design. Outdoor serving trays offer a dual function; an edgy cool accent that also operates as its intended to to hold beverages and small plates to make entertaining artfully effortless. The Happy Hour Serving Trays come in a round or rectangle shape and designed to be oversized and ornate and are made from solid, high-performance, powder-coated aluminum to make a bold statement. Use in multiples for a layered, decadent look.

Metropolitan cities offer incredible lifestyle opportunities that adds to the richness of life for its inhabitants. Access to incredible dining places, cultural experiences, art museums, and theatres make cities an exciting place to live and work, drawing people in from around the world. Of course with such popularity, cities can feel crowded and distant from the quiet nature that suburban spaces provide. Replicating some of those qualities that tend to feel more rare in a big city will bring a holistic approach to your space providing balance and harmony for your domestic space. Teak Warehouse takes a design minded approach to style to provide a variety of contemporary and classic style concepts that defines modern style outdoor furniture. All furnishings come fully assembled and available for immediate delivery to reduce any wait time for your pieces to arrive. All deep seating sectional sofas come outfitted with Neptune™ cushions that are specifically made for each pieces particular dimensions. Teak Warehouse is open 7 days a week and available for showroom viewings by appointment. If you have any questions, would like to request a quote, or make an appointment to view our showroom call us at 800.343.7707 or email us [email protected]. We look forward to helping you plan your modern outdoor space today!

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