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Inherently informal, outdoor dining is the warm weather ritual that maintains an appreciation for its ability to breath new life into our dining experience. Whether you’re an urbanite with a balcony with glittering city views or someone who resides among a vast terrain of rustic space, al fresco dining is all about enjoying your outdoor space along with good food and good company. While many of our summer vacation plans are on hold, we can shift our focus to what our homes have to offer. Carving out a space to enjoy the long days and nights outdoors can have a relaxing and restorative effect. Let’s take a look at a few ways to inspire outdoor dining that reflects your homes style.


white table - verbena concrete
Verbena Concrete Cafe Table
black outdoor wicker dining chair
Sahara Wicker Dining Chair


 Mixing opposing materials can create a harmonious union while engaging all the senses. The Verbena Concrete Dining Table expresses a cool pale white tone that will act as the focal point of your dining space. To soften the look, arrange oversized plush outdoor dining chairs like the Sahara Wicker Dining Chairs around the table. They come outfitted with Neptune™ cushions so you and your guests can relax in its warm luxury. Consider adding black accents that will create visual intrigue, using black flatware and dinnerware, for example, will stand out against the subtle white of the table. Properly shade the space with an Antigua Round Cantilever Umbrella in black that will work to tie it all together.


Summer Stacking Dining Chair With White MeshTRADITIONALIST

 A design philosophy that stresses simplicity will make dining outdoors effortless. Using quality materials like grade-a teak, #316 marine-grade stainless steel, and Batyline mesh work together to make a powerful yet approachable exterior dining set. The Stainless Steel and Teak Dining Tables that come in a square or rectangle shape to accommodate a variety spatial dimensions brings form and functionality to your exterior. Pair it with outdoor chairs like the Summer Stacking Dining Chairs in white, taupe, or black to create a sartorial dining set with a coastal influence that elevates the setting. Arrange the Vine and Ivy Hurricanes in multiples where candlelight will bathe the décor to add a delicate ambience to the space.


Olive Wicker Dining Side Chair Black - Angle View
Olive Dining Chair
black table - outdoor patio furniture
Frankfurt Dining Table


 Take a risk with an edgy dining set that acts as its own conversation piece. The Frankfurt Outdoor Dining Table with the Olive Wicker Side Dining Chair in black has an undeniable sleek perfectionism. Use delicate gold embossed glassware and table settings that work to complement the dark tone of the dining set while adding a little sparkle. The addition of the Barton Outdoor Candle Box Holder scattered throughout sets a demure tone with a subtle ambience.


Donald Outdoor Reclaimed Teak Counter Height Bar Table Angle View
Donald Reclaimed Teak Counter Table


For a relaxed happy hour, having a bar style dining option makes this uninhibited activity welcoming and easy. The Donald Reclaimed Teak Table has a muted wood tone that expresses an earthy mood and when paired with a bar chair like the Jack Reclaimed Teak and Wicker Counter Chair, the combination creates a lived-in aesthetic aligning rough and natural materials as a means to creating comfort and warmth. Mismatched table décor adds an eclectic bohemian appeal where imperfections are coveted and keeps the ease of the space.


Jack Outdoor Reclaimed Teak and Wicker Counter Height Bar Chair (Natural) Angle View
Jack Reclaimed Teak and Wicker Counter Chair

From the expected to the delightfully different, the possibilities for your outdoor dining space are endless. Handsomely tailored spaces or the imperfections of an old world charm can transform your space and bring variety to mealtime with family and friends. Teak Warehouse has a variety of the best patio chairs, wooden outdoor chairs, and dining sets that will match your homes aesthetic. Our showroom is open 7 days a week that can be viewed by scheduling an appointment. If you have any questions please call us at 800.343.7707 or email us at [email protected] to request a quote so you can start planning your outdoor dining space today!

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