From Family Fun Space to Fine Outdoor Dining Room

Home is where the heart is. Simple and sweet, this comforting saying in our current reality may require an addendum to further include; work, school, socializing, relaxing, and dining. Our outdoor spaces are more important than ever now and the undeniable ability of the open space works to provide a little relief from the four walls of the interior. While the weather still permits, your outdoor space and patio dining set can act as multipurpose areas that will help shape the domestic pattern of our new normal. We’re going to look at a few of the ways the exterior can support you and your family as we attempt to bring more functionality to our spaces.

Albert Outdoor Wicker Dining Side Chair
Albert Outdoor Wicker Dining Side Chair


Children are engaged with at-home-learning and work is remote, a dynamic that initially seemed to be temporary has now morphed into something looking a bit more permanent. Having an exterior place to allow members of the home some privacy to focus can make the day-to-day flow a little easier. During the day utilize the outdoor dining space as a learning or work area to create the illusion of going out for the day. Kids love the outdoors and the adults find it refreshing and grounding. Keep things fun and exciting by including a mixture of seating options, like using a garden bench or shapely stools that coordinate with traditional dining chairs where children feel like they have something of their own. A wicker dining side chair like the Albert Outdoor Wicker Dining Side Chair is oversized and comforting. Pair that with a concrete bench or stool to add an exciting variety.

Sutherland Outdoor Teak Square Side Table Angle
Sutherland Outdoor Teak Square Side Table


Create a space you desire to return to again and again, a place you can go and detach. Perhaps a secluded quiet corner or a full outdoor living room, the ultimate goal remains the same, an escape to rest and recharge. Opting for a teak sectional like the Ibiza Teak Sectional Collection that cuts a classic silhouette to effortlessly convene in a variety of settings. Or make use of smaller spaces with a couple relaxing chairs and an outdoor side table. The Sutherland Outdoor Relaxing Chair delivers incredible comfort and style while mixing materials for a visually intriguing fixture. Pair the chair alongside its complementary accent; the Sutherland Outdoor Teak Square Side Table that defines quality craftsmanship with a bit of romance.


Loop Wicker Outdoor Dining Chair
Loop Outdoor Swivel Dining Chair


Once an enjoyable past time, dining out is now a novelty with an unpredictable future. By creating your own dining experience at home you can take inspiration from your favorite places and create an indulging dinner for family and friends. Utilize the same area that was used earlier in the day for learning and work can be transformed into an elegant dining setting in the evening. An outdoor dining table and comfortable side chairs will set the tone and create the foundation for the space. A dining table like the Coco Teak Round Dining Table or for a larger space the Danielle Reclaimed Teak Dining Table display rounded curves that add a soft layer while encouraging conversation. Outdoor swivel chairs like the Loop Outdoor Swivel Dining Chair is an outdoor dining staple that makes for a casual encounter. If your dining space is uncovered consider a huge patio umbrella like the Mauritius Cantilever Umbrella where a side pole supports the canopy, rather than in the center, so the canopy can hang over the table. The canopy is capable of 360° movement so you can move it along with the shifting sun for superior protection on those unusually warm days.

el fresco grey dining chair outdoor angle
El Fresco Dining Chair


Spending time with our friends and family is a necessary part of lives; going too long without them can begin to feel a little like something’s missing. Giving children something fun to look forward to can drastically create a sense of excitement and joy. Transform your outdoor living room or lounge space into an outdoor movie theater with a projector. Utilize an outdoor rug like the Studio One Outdoor Rug to define the space while including oversized crocheted ottomans like the Studio Three Outdoor Round Poufs for a comforting arrangement. While the children are entertained with an outdoor cinema the adults can continue to mingle. Consider an outdoor bar cart like the Teak Bar Cart that can hold drinks and snacks and can easily move throughout the exterior as it comes with wheels for an easy convenience. If the space permits, add ambience with a fire source, like the Contempo Round Outdoor Fire Pit that draws people together. Foldable directors chairs with a side table creates an inviting space for guests. A concrete side table like the Bunni Concrete Side Table with the El Fresco Directors Outdoor Dining Chairs can be folded and stored away creates a pleasing and warming space.

Every aspect of our lives for many of us are now happening within our homes. To make the most of our spaces we will need to gain a little clarity and creativity on how to maximize what we have. Teak Warehouse has over 25 years experience in luxury outdoor furnishings and we are eager to assist you in creating the right outdoor space for you and your family. We are open 7 days a week and our showroom is open to those interested in visiting by a scheduled appointment. Continue to browse our online catalog and call us at 800.343.7707 or email us at [email protected] with any questions or to request a quote so you can start planning your outdoor space today!

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