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Whether you live in a climate with rich seasonal variety or one that stays pretty consistent throughout the year, environmental stress can destroy ill-equipped outdoor furniture. Mildew, rust, corrosion, and decay can be cause for concern; however, with the right fabrics, materials, and a few protective measures your patio furniture is prepared for everything from harsh mountain storms to the dry extreme heat of the desert. With over 2 decades of experience of sourcing the most reliable and ethical materials for luxury outdoor furniture, Teak Warehouse is confident in their ability to perform in your exterior space. Let’s take a look at how we use our materials and their performance in various climates.

teak sectional outdoor furniture - white


Grade-a teak wood is commonly referred to as the “Prince of all Woods” due to its high market value and exceptional aesthetic. A pure, dense in grain wood with little to no imperfections expressed in a beautifully toned honey golden color is extracted from the center of the teak trees that’s rich with a natural rubber and oil that distinguishes the a-grade teak from other inferior grades of teak wood. This feature aids in its durability and overall long life expectancy that readily repels water and other environmental wear and tear.

Long Island Teak Dining Tables-0
Long Island Teak Dining Table

Over time the wood will patina turning to a silvery grey through sun exposure but won’t affect its internal structure. Should you wish to keep your furniture its natural golden tone, then you can apply a sealant to protect the wood. Prior to applying anything to the wood, it is advisable to consult with an expert who is familiar with the process that can assist you in the application.

An all grade-a teak dining set makes a classic and casual mark on an exterior dining space that will last year after year. View our Long Island Teak Dining Table paired with our Neil Teak Outdoor Dining Arm Chair that will truly elevate your space. If you are designing an outdoor lounge space for you backyard, our deep seating grade-a teak sectionals like the Ibiza Teak Sectional Collection brings a cohesive, modern, and lived-in aesthetic to your home.

Coast Aluminum White Outdoor Sectional SofaALUMINUM

Zepher Aluminum And Rope Round Accent Table
Zepher Aluminum Accent Table

Aluminum is composed of qualities that makes it a highly sought after material for outdoor furniture. Teak Warehouse finishes all it’s aluminum outdoor furniture with a synthetic powder-coating finish or is laser varnished to keep those qualities in tact. Aluminum is strong but lightweight and naturally resists rust and corrosion. Aluminum pieces tend to be stylistically more contemporary with an industrial appeal that looks refined and well balanced.

Keeping your space cool this summer, view our Coast Aluminum Sectional Collection in White to brighten up your space. Pair it with wicker accents like the Jak Wicker Side Table or the Zepher Aluminum and Rope Accent Table for a coastal, bohemian appeal.


High performance textiles that are developed through extensive research and development Neptune™ has created an outdoor fabric that is both beautiful and functional. Their performance principles provide resistance to fading and degradation from sunlight and chemical exposure. Teak Warehouse sources these fabrics for our cushions, pillows, and shade products as they provide the best comfort and protection. They are dyed with rich pigments providing an assortment of brilliant colors to match your space. For detailed care instructions please visit www.neptune.com.

All of our deep seating sectionals are outfitted with Neptune™ cushions at no additional cost with purchase. They provide such an elevated luxury and a domesticated experience for your exterior rooms that works to complete the look. Also view our cantilever umbrellas to ensure that your favorite pieces and people can be shaded no matter if it’s rain or shine.

Teak Warehouse maintains a respect for the materials and craftsmanship that is paramount to the company’s ideology. We strive to deliver character, longevity, and creativity through each piece we produce. All materials are easy to care for and should be cared for with water and a soft cloth. We also have coverings that can be used to cover any pieces that might need it. We are available to answer any questions about the materials and care if you would like to reach out to a staff member to start planning your space today! Call us at (800) 343-7707 or email us at [email protected].

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