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From California to Maine, and every shoreline in between, these are home to some of the most beautiful seaside communities across the country. If you find yourself blissfully residing in such destinations you have probably considered the effect that the ocean air will have on your homes exterior. Choosing outdoor furniture for salt air environments requires a bit of outdoor furniture knowledge but can be a rewarding and effortless task, which will bring more use and functionality to your maritime pastimes. Materials like grade-a teak wood and stainless steel are ideal for coastal environments and will withstand exposure to the salty air season after season.


stainless steel dining set table with 8 bruno dining chairs
Stainless Steel and Teak Dining Table Set for 8

Teak Warehouse has been serving coastal communities for over 25 years and carries an expansive and gorgeous selection of outdoor marine deck furniture available to the public at wholesale prices. Our expertise in marine-grade stainless steel outdoor furniture has helped many homeowners get the best deck furniture for salt air that is dependable and lasts for countless seasons. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite pieces and how to style your coastal escape.


bruno teak dining chair black angle
Bruno Stainless Steel and Teak Chair

Breath taking views along with the scent of salty air creates an ambience that can’t be replicated. Dining al fresco at the shoreline transports you to an almost unbelievable time and place. Our stainless steel and grade-a teak dining tables can aesthetically be described as nautical while remaining traditional concept. Each table is designed with marine-grade #316 stainless steel with an a-grade teak wood tabletop. The material opposition creates a balanced symmetry that helps to anchor the dining space.

Marine grade #316 stainless steel includes chromium and nickel like other stainless steels but includes 2-3% of molybdenum, a hard, silver metallic element to toughen the steel, as it aids in its corrosion-resistance abilities where visible evidence known as “tea staining” by corrosive attacks is possible in marine environments.

Flawless proportions and a sleek silhouette are the qualities that define the Stainless Steel and Teak Dining Table that compliments the idyllic scenery of coastal perfectionism. An approachable and sophisticated design choice is pairing it with the Bruno Stainless Steel Dining Chairs and using the Stainless Steel and Teak Bench on only one side to reflect a casual tone.

Summer Stainless Steel and Batyline Sun Lounger (Taupe)-0
Summer Stainless Steel Sun Lounger


A deck overlooking an endless vision of glittering blue water is most enjoyed from a comfortable resting place. As you consider what pieces to use for your deck it’s recommended to continue with marine-grade materials that will be corrosion resistant. The Summer Stainless Steel Batyline Relaxing Chairs make the perfect choice for deck chairs. Along with the stainless steel you also have the Batyline mesh that’s strong and won’t damage in the salt air environment and accented with grade-a teak arm rests that help protect you in case the metal becomes too hot. Pair the relaxing chairs with the matching Summer Stainless Steel Side Table to tie the look together.



A-Grade teak historically has been the premier choice for ship builders and yacht communities who identified the incredible properties of this durable wood. A-Grade teak is known to be the safest deck material available due to its high oil content that serves the teak as extremely weather resistant and that naturally resists rot and mildew that would lead to corrosion for the material. It’s beauty and unparalleled quality does not go unnoticed as it continues to be in very high demand.

As the peak of summer is upon us making a place, small or large, in your outdoor space adds intention and meaning to the passing days of the season. Living in coastal areas are exciting on their own but choosing the right dock furniture for your deck is essential. If you have any questions regarding our materials call or email us. We are open 7 days a week and you can schedule an appointment to view our showroom by calling 800.343.7707 or email us at [email protected] to start planning your seaside abode today!


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