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Summer Stainless Steel and Teak Side Table


Coveting elegance with its clean lines and stylish demeanor, the Summer Stainless Steel and Teak Side Table is a treasured piece from Teak Warehouse.

Glamorous, chic, modern… indulge in luxury you deserve with the Summer Stainless Steel and Teak Side Table, new from our fabulous Summer range of furniture. The Summer Stainless Steel and Teak Side Table features a sleek stainless steel low-lying sleigh style frame, and a A-Grade Teak top. A beautiful mix of the finer things in life.

A-Grade Teak, Stainless Steel
W28" x L20" x H18"
W71cm x L51cm x H46cm

The Stainless Steel is #316, meaning it is marine grade and won’t corrode or rust in an outdoor setting, continuing to look beautiful and elegant for years to come. A-Grade Teak finishes off this exquisite design – and you know if it is getting an ‘A;’ it is the best! We only use trees with ages of at least 40 years, meaning it has had time to develop natural rubber and oil content throughout the wood, giving it an all over glamorous character and will be completely appropriate to leave outside all year round, without fear of breaking.

In the Summer range, we also carry a series of beautiful loungers and chairs, with the same #316 Stainless Steel and teak detail with the addition of Batyline® mesh instead of traditional cushioning – the look is sleek and smart with a unique, contemporary flavor all of its own. Create this look throughout your entire space featuring a ‘chill’ area with the Summer Relaxing Chairs and Summer Stainless Steel and Teak Side Tables, a dining set Stainless Steel and A-Grade Teak Dining Tables, the Summer Dining Chairs in a matching color of Batyline® mesh for an incredibly satisfying modern setting you will love. We deliver all over the country, providing both residential and commercial businesses with luxury furniture at wholesale prices – call us now to get a quote for product and shipping.

Create an oasis of calm, tranquil and comfort with a Summer Stainless Steel and Teak Side Table nestled in between some of our new White Ecolene® Relaxing Chairs and a lovely large Neptune™ Umbrella in Canvas. Perhaps your poolside is in need of some modern magic? Purchase a Summer Lounger in Taupe, Black or White and the fabulous Summer Stainless Steel and Teak Side Table next to it. Have loads of space? Multiply this look for an exquisite run of luxury outdoor furniture, perfect for commercial properties too! This attractive accent table is also a wonderful choice for indoors! Place a Summer Stainless Steel and Teak Side Table on each side of your leather sofa for a daring blend of materials. Or even try as a fantastic addition to your bedroom – imagine this gorgeous Summer Stainless Steel and Teak Side Table next to your low-lying loft style bed…. Splendid!

The Summer Stainless Steel and Teak Side Table is a chic, contemporary piece from Teak Warehouse, call us now to discuss how this incredible table might work best for you. We know you’ll love it!

About A-Grade Teak Furniture

Teak is the best natural material for outdoor furniture. A Grade Teak is what Teak Warehouse is famous for. This isn’t standard Teak wood. A-Grade teak is milled from the premium part of the tree. All A-Grade teak in all aspects is the best looking most consistent teak available. We use only A-Grade teak for our new teak products (we also sell premium reclaimed teak furniture). Our A-Grade teak has the following benefits of teak such as: it is hard and dense; evenly grained, gorgeous and all-weather capable. A-Grade teak develops a smooth even patina over time in outdoor conditions and has inherent qualities in the wood to resist pests and bugs and rot. Our teak is sustainably harvested in the Perum Perhutani organization in Central Java, Indonesia. We are proud that we use mature trees which are 40 years old or more, for our outdoor furniture.

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How to Care for your A-Grade Teak Furniture

A-Grade Teak is the best natural material for outdoor furniture. It simply has no equal for this application especially for the marine industry and outdoor furniture. It’s been used out at sea for centuries in boats and sea-going vessels subject to saltwater and UV exposure. To maintain your teak, there are specific and beneficial practices and techniques. For this information we invite you to click through to see comprehensive A-Grade Teak Furniture Care information.

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