Top 10 Features for a Luxury Home

To own a luxury home is where no detail is too small to consider and where anything that you could imagine can become possible. Many modern luxury homes have sophisticated technology systems and attempt to operate with sustainable efforts towards the environment is just a couple ways these homes stand out. There’s a lot of freedom in what you can achieve in a luxury home but for most people to have all the elements of your environment to possess an energy that is meaningful and functional to its occupants offers a source of comfort for your everyday life. Teak Warehouse knows the importance of home where each room needs to be supported for its intended use and although our luxury outdoor furniture is made for the outdoors the materials we use are just as well suited for indoor use too. We’re going to take a look at the top 10 features of luxury homes and how they can be the most functional for you and your family.


A luxury home needs an equally refined location to build upon. Deciding what kind of climate or terrain best suits you and your lifestyle will be one of the first things that you consider and will be a leading factor for how the other aspects of the home will develop; like how much space you’ll have, what kind of architecture is best suited for the environment and home and what type of conveniences you’ll have access to will all vary depending on the location. Perhaps you enjoy being near nature with a waterfront location or you enjoy a metropolis in an urban city to indulge in art and culture. Whatever the preference, views will not be compromised and an exterior space to enjoy them will be a high consideration for enjoying your surroundings.

Size of Your Outdoor Space

If there’s one thing synonymous with luxury living it is size. The amount of space that will be available to you can possibly seem limitless at times. This limitless space allows you the freedom to organize the space to fit your vision. Perhaps you enjoy a garden space, defined with artfully manicured bushes and trees, displaying the gracious gestures made by nature. Or you have a rooftop that allows for a private entertaining space for guests. Including a variety of concrete planters or high end wicker furniture in different shapes and sizes can help to add a sophisticated and well cared for element to your exterior.

round concrete planterOpen Floor Plan

The balanced movement of a home becomes effortless with an open floor plan. The inside becomes one with the exterior for a seamless transition. Dress your exterior living room with deep seating sectionals that takes an oversized approach to seating that will rival your interiors sectional. Our deep seating sectionals make a gesture of comfort and relaxation to fully enjoy the space.

 Gourmet Kitchens

Luxury homes are a culinary dream. Having multiple gourmet kitchens can help with entertaining and allow for convenience when your home is spread out. Having an outdoor kitchen with a bar area will elevate your alfresco dining and bring a sophisticated tone to your hosting efforts.  A long rectilinear outdoor dining table paired with a mixture of benches and dining chairs can make a bold impact on your exterior while accommodating a large number of guests.

 Recreation Rooms

Having the extra space allows for residents to add on additions like a tennis court or basketball court as part of their home. This can make weekend recreation convenient and if you have a family it’s a great way to keep everyone entertained. Just make sure you have a comfortable seating option for your onlookers and get fixtures that have a utilitarian and youthful tone.


 Entertainment Rooms

A home movie theater, a lounge area with a built in bar, or a game room adds a personal quality to your home that allows you to indulge in these activities in the comfort of your home. These rooms that have the potential to experience a high volume of activity you will want to have furnishings to support this type of activity. Consider oversized seating options and pieces that are strong yet comfortable that will help define the space and bring a shapely appeal to the room.

Walk-In Closets

A walk in closet in a luxury home can be customized down to the last detail. Built in shelving, storage islands and ambience lighting can make your daily routine of dressing something to look forward to. It can help you stay organized and able to a clear view of all your pieces and their accessories. Many walk in closets dually function as their own dressing rooms and you might want to add seating or additional counter space with high end wicker furniture that might be appropriate.


 Large Bathrooms

Designed with the intent to bring you a spa like experience in your home. A spa tub built into the floor, a walk in shower, and a vanity area are all added features that can make pampering yourself a special occasion you can do in the comfort of your home. We love having teak accents and stools as part of bathrooms décor as a way to highlight the natural elements along with the homes conceptual design.


Currently technology has become a standard part of luxury home design. Smart technology is built into the home so you can control things like light, security, and the thermostat from your phone. This way the home can adapt to your changing needs. Create a space that can keep all your electronics safe and in one place.



Having a range of green features for your home is a great way to make your home environmentally friendly. Recycled materials, solar panels, electric car charging stations are a few ways these features can work in your space for an eco friendly home. Reclaimed teak is among one of the most sustainable materials we use at Teak Warehouse and as part of our efforts to bring you sustainable pieces we source from government protected areas to ensure safe environmental practices.

Your luxury home will bring you daily fulfillment and contentment. Complementing your space with the best home furniture will make your home an extension of yourself and the place you can look forward to enjoying everyday. If you have any questions about our materials and care and how they can work in your luxury home, call us at (800) 343.7707 or email us at [email protected]. We are open 7 days a week for questions and orders or continue to browse our outdoor furniture online to start planning your luxury space today!



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