How to Arrange Patio Furniture on a Small Deck

When thinking of small spaces the thought of crowded Parisian sidewalks or an artist’s apartment in New York City comes to mind, there’s never a lack, quite the opposite, it feels richer like there’s something more palpable there. When faced with the challenge of making the most of your small deck, this is an opportunity to get creative. Teak Warehouse offers something for every space size, style, and climate. Let’s look at a few strategies to consider when arranging patio furniture on a small deck.

Archi outdoor sofas
Archi Outdoor Rope Sofa


This will act as the anchor of your outdoor space and serve as the primary gathering space. The remaining décor can build from this point and help create a natural flow to the area. Arrange your patio furniture in a way that directs guests around the primary seating area rather than through it is preferred. Place the longest item along the longest wall facing the focal point, usually a 3-seat sofa or an outdoor loveseat. This will add to the area rather than distract from it. For these smaller spaces we suggest going for some of our smaller collections like the Archi Collection that can be conveniently arranged on a deck for a modern and sophisticated pairing.



dorsett patio table in black
Dorsett Outdoor Side Table


Separating the space into smaller sections can totally transform any perceived lack space into a functional and dynamic living area. Once you have built your focal point you can identify where you have space for perhaps a dining area or a small garden that you can use your deck for. Bringing in accents to your focal point is another way to use the space. Side tables and coffee tables can help to facilitate a cohesiveness. Accents that aren’t bulky like the Dorsett Accent Table or the Gazzoni Reclaimed Teak Side Table are excellent for smaller spaces.



jake round outdoor table
Jake Outdoor Round Dining Table


If you can make some space for a dining area Teak Warehouse has a large selection of café tables, folding dining tables, and folding dining chairs that can be a solution for a small dining space. The Jake Outdoor Dining Table is a bistro table that appears the color block with its material mixture of concrete and teak wood. Pair the table with space saving chairs like the Polly Outdoor Dining Chair. If space is really limited we suggest a folding dining table like our Square Teak Folding Table paired with the Bella Teak Dining Side Chair.

Whether you live in a rural area, a metropolitan area, or something in between arranging patio furniture on a small deck can always seem a little challenging at first. Having a space that’s functional can help you recharge and bring you to a place that feels calm and relaxed no matter the size. Discover the perfect pieces for your unique space for you by browsing our online outdoor furniture catalog or calling us at (800) 343.7707 or emailing us at [email protected] today.

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