Classic Style Brings a Familiar Nostalgia

There’s an intriguing nostalgia that comes along with pieces that have a genuine classic nature and timeless effect. You can feel the undeniable presence they make on your space, echoing a sense, that remains untouched by time, only getting better the longer it remains. This is the sentiment one may hope to achieve. Utilizing warm neutral tones and classic materials can blend together to help express this highly sought after familiar and timeless essence.

Tango A-Grade Teak and Black Dining Arm Chair

Tango Outdoor Dining Chairs & Pool Loungers

Several collections at Teak Warehouse know the importance of keeping things traditional while subtly transforming your outdoor living space that fosters a personal kind of expression. Our line of Tango Dining Chairs and Pool Loungers make a sophisticated and practical impact. Expressed in beautiful crisp neutral palettes framed by a gorgeous honey toned grade-a teak wood, often communicating in a cardinal study of aesthetics. Let’s take a closer look at how this range of chairs and sun loungers utilizes its minimalist qualities to bring in a sense of tradition and prestige.

The Tango Teak Dining Chairs are crafted to be somewhat playful, creating a nice balance to its predominately traditional design. The chair features a solid build, the frame is made from gratuitous lengths of grade-a teak as the back rest and seat are made from Textilene® mesh in white, black or taupe colors. These two opposing materials come together and compliment one another. Where form and functionality are free to express themselves.

Tango Teak Sun Lounger with White Mesh

The Tango Sun Loungers are designed with the same style and exceptional materials as the chairs. The sun lounger is the type of piece that adds a luxurious element to an outdoor space. Bring in a layer of escapism allow yourself to indulge in the serenity of you space. The Tango Pool Loungers have a way of imparting the presence of a romanticized nostalgia that will create a space that you’ll never want to leave. The all weather materials that these pieces are made from are of exceptional quality. The a-grade teak wood, Textilene® mesh, and marine grade stainless steel fixtures work in harmony for this exquisite set.

The Tango Dining Chairs and Sun Loungers go beyond being a traditional fixture, they take on an affect that creates an emotional response. As part of a more traditional design movement, this range of pieces brings a formality that feels orderly, reflecting the elegant mood of a bygone era that brings a sense of a calming familiarity. This familiar feeling is engaging and allows one to feel at home in their space. At Teak Warehouse we are known for an extensive collection of classic pieces that will suit a variety of spaces. The use of such materials paired with the striking design of our sun loungers and dining chairs will provide a beautiful reprieve to guests and visitors. Teak Warehouse can help you assess the needs of your space and help you find the pieces that are right for you. Browse our online outdoor furniture catalog to view our entire collection or visit our showroom in person.

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