A Personal Set: Club Chairs and Ottomans

Not all spaces can be treated equal and that means you can’t always take the same décor approach either. When you live in metropolitan areas your options become more about convenience and accessibility. The city life means for many people living in smaller spaces that at times may force you to get creative. However, that shall pose no problem when you ignite your creative urges anything can seem possible, even exciting. Living in metropolitan areas can have its challenges but there’s so much to do that any adversity can quickly be forgotten when you’re too busy to think about it.

At Teak Warehouse we know the importance of having your space feel like your own. Maybe a small balcony, quaint garden, or a sunny nook is your special place to unwind. Our solution to make that space feel even better is to add a club chair and ottoman. It makes a statement that this is someone’s special personal space, feeling like an extension of who you are. A place to sip your morning coffee, to indulge in long phone calls with loved ones, and where you can curl up to watch the stars float by. Sometimes there’s nothing more special than these moments of solidarity or just the fact you have something to call your own. Now, let’s take a look at a few of our favorite club chair and ottoman sets.


Ventura Club Chair + Ottoman

Ventura Club Chair and Ottoman

Midcentury modern mingles with a rustic charm to create the Ventura Club Chair and Ottoman a unique balance that results in an effortless coolness. It’s the type of piece that begs to engulf you in unparalleled comfort. The Ventura Club Chair features tall arms and backrest accented with vertical lengths of rope that creates depth and movement within the chair. This club chair and ottoman set has a casual-bohemian look that has become synonymous with contemporary coastal design and perfect for enjoying long afternoons under the sun immersed in a favorite novel.


Coast Club Chair + Ottoman

Coast Teak Club Chair and Ottoman in Off-white

This club chair and ottoman truly knows how to anchor a space. With its expansive wide and deep seating the Coast Club Chair and Ottoman is an indulgent set that you’ll never want to leave. A mix of traditional design and high quality materials this is the type of piece that will dictate the mood of your space. The club chair is oversized for exceptional comfort giving the option to use the ottoman as a table surface. Use a grade-a teak serving tray to hold beverages or miscellaneous knick-knacks while you lounge on the most comfortable of club chairs.


Havana Club Chair + Ottoman

Box-like proportions in formal design gives the Havana Club Chair and Ottoman a reputation for being sophisticated and refined. Angular lines cast throughout the design makes this set an artful fixture to your outdoor space. The chair has a masculine tone, sleek uncluttered lines, and a solid frame of grade-a teak that draws the eye in. The transparent silhouette allows you to utilize the quality of light in a space to become an integral part of the design. Look forward to arriving in this chair and ottoman as a final destination to relax and unwind.

Havana Premium Teak Outdoor Lounge Chair

Each combination has its own set of characteristics that will speak to your specific style in one way or another. Rising to the challenge of creating your own sacred space where you can sit and enjoy your morning coffee, your special place to read, where you spend your evenings after a long day, or all of the above having the perfect place to cozy up and put your feet up is an essential no one should live without. At Teak Warehouse we have a massive selection of club chairs and ottomans that will be right for you and your space. Start planning your ideal quiet space today! Browse our online outdoor furniture catalog or come visit us in person at any of our showrooms.

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