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Ibiza Sectional Pieces Create A SofaBeyond every home is an outdoor space that provides its residences with an opportunity to extend their creative gestures. Creating an outdoor space that will serve you no matter the occasion is essential when considering your furnishings for an exterior. The outdoor sofa sectional is possibly the most functional and impressive furnishing one can include in their space. These sectional pieces take a space from bare and ordinary to one that’s livable and dynamic. The Ibiza Teak Outdoor Sofa Sectional is one of the most versatile collections at Teak Warehouse, comprised of eight individual pieces that give you ultimate freedom to mix and match. It has a classic and traditional design while also feeling contemporary and fresh. The functional beauty of this collection is a true testament to its affect on a space, creating an inviting area for celebratory occasions to casual get-togethers.

To begin let’s consider the size and type of space that needs furnishing. A balcony would require perhaps smaller pieces or to rely on fixed pieces to furnish the space whereas a large garden space has a need for larger pieces or could perhaps combine fixed and mutable pieces. All together the Ibiza Collection is an eight-piece collection, that allows for numerous configurations for a space. The collection consists of three fixed pieces; a sofa, love seat, and a club chair and five additional pieces that are movable and can create one large sectional piece, which includes a center chair, corner chair, left chair, right chair, and ottoman. There are limitless offerings that this collection provides, with each individual element that collectively creates a space that is functional and enjoyable.

The Ibiza Collection is most recognized as a collection that can be as grand or as compact depending on the individual space. The variable pieces are sold separately so that the shape, size and combination are in the buyers’ control. One popular shape is the L-shape, which can be created with a corner chair, several center chairs, and the choice to have the left or right chair mark the ends. The U-shape is also highly popular and functions well for entertaining guests where a fire pit would act as a casual and cool centerpiece.

The role of fixed pieces is equally as important. They can be used in conjunction with the sectionals or alone. The club chair acts as a simple but essential accent to the L-shape, effortlessly polishing off the look. The Ibiza Collection, with all its many options does not have to be configured as a sectional; it has the ability to stand-alone. Perhaps using two loveseats that sit across form one another, placing a low sitting coffee table between them is a great option for more intimate spaces. Using a group of four club chairs is another excellent choice as an alternative to sectionals. Configure them in a square shape with a coffee table of fire pit placed in the center for added ambience.

Choosing timeless, forever pieces will allow for freedom to evolve with your space overtime. The Ibiza Collection offers simplicity and a foundation to build upon. Outdoor sectionals are meant to define a space, as their use is unrestrictive. They can help distinguish between a dining area and a lounge area, or they can flow together and tell a story. Place a low coffee table inside an L-shaped sectional for a casual outdoor dining experience. Creating a space that matches the mood can be done through adding accent pieces and color. Use throw pillows and blankets for accents while outdoor lighting creates ambiance.

Our long history building outdoor furniture from grade-a teak allows us to create some of the best outdoor pieces available. Our Ibiza Collection is crafted from the superior quality of grade-a teak wood. The teak used at Teak Warehouse is always milled from the premium part of the tree, and we are aware that our grade-a teak is the best looking due to its consistency. The wood is always hard and dense, giving it immense stability, is evenly grained for a gorgeous appearance, and is all-weather capable if properly cared for. Depending on individual taste, teak goes through a natural aging process where the wood turns to a patina being a soft color of grey. This process is natural and maintains the woods beautiful aesthetic appearance without disrupting the quality of the wood. However, if aging naturally doesn’t fit with your design goals, there is the option to have the wood finished personally or professionally. The finish can be a type of polish or a matte sealer. Available in hardware stores or chancelleries who advise the finish be applied every 6-12 months that will help maintain the original golden honey color. Each of deep seating collections come with Neptune™ cushions that are available in numerous colors so you get exactly what you want. Neptune™ is the premium fabric for outdoor furniture and is resistant to environmental damage from rain, heat, and sun if properly maintained.

We have a brilliant staff at Teak Warehouse that can assist you with putting together a complete look for your outdoor space. Teak Warehouse looks forward to helping you each step of the way to find the right pieces and shape for your personal vision. Shop our online catalog to view each piece or visit our showroom in person. It’s easy to request a quote online today! We are open daily and look forward to speaking with you. Call 800.343.7707 or email us at [email protected]



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