An American Summer: The Adirondack Chair

Adirondack Teak lounge chairs


An emblem of the American Summer.

This unmistakable silhouette set in a garden scene can only belong to the beloved Adirondack Chair. With its ability to adapt again and again throughout the century to the ever-changing design landscape, this is a true testament to its uncomplicated, practical nature.

Designed by a man named Thomas Lee in 1903, his only objective was to craft a basic and sustainable chair that his family could use outdoors while lounging on their lawn during vacations at their home in Westport, New York located in the Adirondack Mountains. Although Lee intended to create this chair for personal use only, his friend Harry C. Bunnell, a local carpenter, adapted the design with Lee’s permission and produced the first Adirondack Chairs to be sold on the market. Today these chairs commonly populate the shores of east coast beaches, the rustic porches of wilderness cabins, and considered a humble choice for private lawns.

The Adirondack Chairs popularity has been heavily influenced by its unique ability to transcend space and time. The Adirondack’s simple and functional design acted as a sharp contrast to the overly ornate Victorian style that was then popular at the turn of the century. The look was unusual and considered simple, made from 11 pieces of wood and designed with a slanted back and wide armrests. Yet, this is exactly where the country was heading. American culture was changing, and so were people’s needs. The emerging environment was characterized by an “anything is possible” attitude and an impenetrable optimism among people. Travel and leisure were becoming normalized, and thus a new materialism erupted. The chair seemed to have been created at a pivotal time, everyday life was beginning to look different, and the Adirondack Chair became a symbol that many identified with the new atmosphere.

The Adirondack Chair could be considered an anomaly in certain respects. Although rooted in tradition, it’s gone through countless design transformations; with changes to materials and design, the accessible chair now has variations to fit an array of aesthetic tastes. At Teak Warehouse we easily recognize the brilliant design of this chair and have adapted our own version included throughout our collection. Our most impressive rendition is the traditional Adirondack made from our sustainably harvested grade-a teak wood.

Our long history building outdoor furniture from grade-a teak puts us in a position to create some of the best outdoor pieces available. Our gorgeous Adirondack Chair is crafted from the superior quality of grade-a teak wood. The teak used at Teak Warehouse is always milled from the premium part of the tree, and we are aware that our grade-a teak is the best looking due to its consistency. The wood is always hard and dense, giving it immense stability, is evenly grained for a gorgeous appearance, and is all-weather capable. Depending on individual taste, teak goes through a natural aging process where the wood turns to a patina being a soft color of grey. This process is natural and maintains the woods beautiful aesthetic appearance without disrupting the quality of the wood. However, if aging naturally doesn’t fit with your design goals, there is the option to have the wood finished personally or professionally. The finish can be a type of polish or a matte sealer. Available in hardware stores or chancelleries who advise the finish be applied every 6-12 months. The finish is easy to apply and will help maintain the original golden honey color.

Consider making the Adirondack Chair part of your outdoor living experience. Whether that is in your backyard, a vacation home, or for commercial spaces, this is a chair that is a truly timeless piece and brings an effortless nostalgia and ease to your area. Browse our online catalog for our selections of Adirondack Chairs, request a quote or visit our showroom in person. We look forward to helping you choose the pieces that are right for you and your space!

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