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Each outdoor space has its own “raison d’etre” and should be treated as such. Perhaps you have a grand dining area in your yard for those gorgeous evenings to enjoy al fresco dining or you have an expansive deep seating collection for intimate gatherings with guests for relaxing. It’s essential that this precise atmosphere be executed to make a space with all the right fixtures that one would expect to find just the same indoors. Outdoor accessories and home décor adds ambiance and draws in the mood of your space. Take each element and begin to add piece by piece to your outdoor space, building upon one another to create a space of grace and leisure.

We tend to think of these additions as a separate task that belongs in a category in their own right that we prefer to give special attention to. From the purely decorative to the outright essential, Teak Warehouse covers all the details.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting, luminous and glowing, adds ambiance and mood effortlessly to your space. When after the sun goes down and night falls, keep your outdoor space aglow. The overuse of candlestick holders for dining tables, coffee tables, or side tables will transport you to a romanticized bygone era that existed long ago. Perhaps even add a few hurricanes that hold larger candles for those long nights. The Blok Concrete Candlestick comes in a set of three in varying sizes and has a raw industrial look that blends well in a variety of settings. Lanterns bring a moody atmosphere whether they are hung, placed on top of a tabletop, or scattered about on the ground for a soft and enchanting appeal.

Patio Stools & Ottomans

Perhaps the most under-recognized yet hardworking pieces are the multi-functional outdoor stools and ottomans. These pieces have the ability to act as an extra seating option, a side table, or a place to simply put up your feet. The Jelli Outdoor Ottoman in granite is soft and lightweight for easy moving for whatever the need of the moment might be. Similar to the Ottoman is our outdoor stools. They are incredibly compact and functional and are prepared to take on a multitude of tasks. The Gazzoni Stool is a cool option that is made of reclaimed teak wood and rope that gives it a coastal vibe that brings in a calming ease and comfort.

Planters & Pots

Adding planters to your outdoor space doubles as both an extension of your design aesthetic and that of the natural terrain. Give your space texture by using planters that add color and context. Perhaps a functional approach would suit you by planting a lemon or lime tree into our oval shaped Brooklyn Concrete Planters or to create a desert landscape with an assortment of succulents in the Lindon Raw Concrete Planters. Many of the planters and pots come in sets so you can create a cohesive look, perhaps lining an entryway walk up with potted hydrangea. Planters and pots are one of the best investments when decorating your outdoor space that simultaneously makes a bold impact while supporting nature.

Patio Storage

Having outdoor storage can make an enormous impact on the functionality of a space. If your yard has a pool or space to play you may want to store games or pool accessories for easy access. Our large teak trunk is great for storing such items as well as gardening tools, blankets, or pillows. Outdoor shelving can be another great piece that can be utilized outdoors. Our Bobbi Ladder Shelves made of washed teak wood can hold small potted plants and other decorative items. Having extra storage and shelving allows for better use of the space and keeps everything neat and organized.

Decorative Accessories

Tie your outdoor space together with the small details. From decorative objects to vases, to throw pillows. These final touches give your space personal expression. Bring in a sense of serenity with decorative objects like placing several of our Stone Acorns into a decorative bowl up top a teak dining table. Perhaps place a variety of citrus fruits into our concrete Lava Bowls for a refreshing accent. With each detail, you set a tone that’s good for the soul and welcoming to guests.

Dining Accessories

Trays, placemats, and Lazy Susan’s add an elevated element to your al fresco dining experience as you entertain guests or enjoy an intimate dinner with family. Go bold and use teak placemats on a summer night for a bohemian inspired table setting paired with our teak Lazy Suzanne that makes communal dining exciting.

Fire Pits

There’s nothing more inviting than a warm outdoor fire. Fire pits become the center of social gatherings to creating intimate moments with loved ones. The addition of a fire pit has an enormous allure and will keep your guests around long after the party is over. There are few things better than lounging around outdoors while the warmth from the fire melts over you while enjoying your company. Our fire pits are made of concrete, come in several different sizes, with lava rocks to create an even fire distribution, and easily hook up to propane. Make this the centerpiece of your outdoor space, place any of our outdoor relaxing chairs around it and create a gathering place that brings people together.

Adding the final touches to your outdoor space truly has the ability to be so much more than a backyard. Choosing pieces that inspire you and bring a sense of home is what makes a space feel like it’s an extension of you. It sets a tone and brings in warmth and comfort, guests immediately feel at ease. Teak Warehouse has an extensive collection of décor and outdoor accessories to bring layers and texture to an array of style that plays on the side of bohemian all the way to the classically traditional. Browse our online catalog to view each piece or visit our showroom in person. We are open daily and look forward to speaking with you. Call 800.343.7707 or email us at [email protected].

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