Beyond the Essentials: The Daybed & The Sun Lounger

There comes the select occasion that you find yourself looking outside of just choosing the essentials of furniture décor pieces. We are all familiar with the basics but the pieces that exist beyond that have their own set of parameters and present an opportunity to expand the functionality of your space and get creative. We’ve identified that it’s these two pieces; the daybed and the sun lounger, that give life to the idea that pieces have the ability to transform a space while giving it context and rich expression. The two are similar in shape and design yet vastly different in functionality. We found that some use these terms interchangeably, however, they really do function vastly different from one another. Let us also point out, that this can easily be one of those grey areas where a daybed would look perfectly acceptable where in actuality a sun lounger should go, and truthfully, visually it makes perfect sense but in function, it’s entirely different.


Let’s get into it…


Daybeds are considered a cross between a chaise lounge, a couch, and a bed. They can be used as a bed for sleeping, as well as for lounging, reclining, and seating in common rooms. A sun lounger is an article of a patio, a garden, or a swimming pool deck that’s specifically used for outdoors. Sun loungers are designed with adjustable backs for people to lie down, or sit up on while relaxing outdoors or poolside. As we’ve mentioned, a major difference is that sun loungers will never be found inside the home, these are made specifically for outdoors whereas daybeds are more common inside the home yet can be used outdoors as well. A daybed typically has cushioning where a sun lounger can be made either way, with or without. Sun loungers will also always be adjustable, to be able to recline, where daybeds will not have an adjustable option. It’s these core differences that make these pieces quite distinguishable from one another; each serves a specific purpose for its intended space and needs.

Daybed and Sun Loungers


Both the daybed and the sun lounger bring an elevated aesthetic to a space. These are not your typical pieces of furniture and act as a special addition, adding elegance and sophistication. The sun lounger is most commonly found placed around the outer edges of a swimming pool or lining an ocean front balcony where one can fully take in the gorgeous rays of sun and the relaxing ambiance. While on the other hand, the daybed takes a broader approach, as this is a piece that functions well both inside and outside the home. Used as an addition to a larger collection or a seating alternative in a living room. Perhaps the daybed is not considered an essential but has the ability to surprise as extremely useful and a gorgeous addition to your space. Daybeds are highly functional pieces, because they can be used indoors and outdoors, as a couch or bed, this piece is easily overlooked but brings a lot of use. In the home,these pieces can serve as a solution to small space living by doubling up as a sofa and bed or a chic addition to a living room or placed on a porch or patio. We also love seeing daybeds as a beautiful addition to resort hotels and luxury spas where comfort is of the highest priority. These are great for outdoor dining seat options where people can enjoy leisurely meals or a luxurious addition to a private waiting area.

Aluminum sun lounger

Sun loungers and daybeds come in a variety of materials. Teak Warehouse is known for our extensive collection of pieces that range from grade-a teak wood to powder-coated aluminum. There’s a range of styles from classic to modern that will fit a variety of settings. Each piece is made to withstand moderate weather strain as each piece is made to be rust resistant, heat sustaining, and durable to ensure they will be enjoyed for many years. Sun loungers and daybeds from Teak Warehouse are made from materials like grade-a teak wood, powder-coated aluminum, outdoor wicker, and Batyline® mesh. Many of our pieces come with Neptune™ cushions that also have a high tolerance to environmental stress and won’t fade in the sun and provide the ultimate comfort in outdoor seating. The use of such materials paired with the striking design of our sun loungers and daybeds will provide a beautiful reprieve to guests and visitors. To make a truly unparalleled experience is to cover every detail of your space. Teak Warehouse can help you assess the needs of your space and help you find the pieces that are right for you. Browse our online catalog to view our entire collection or visit our showroom in person.

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