Kent Street Collection: A Sweet Escape

Kent Street Teak Seating Collection


The best examples of outdoor spaces have some semblance of an indoor room. Assessing a space and deciding what the mood and temperature will be will heavily influence how a space is finished and encourage you to invite guests in to share in the curated atmosphere. The Kent Street Teak Deep Seating Collection is an ideal starting point. This collection has a soft weather-worn look that feels earthy and warm with a sense of restraint that provides an alluring element of sophistication. The neutral palette of the collection makes it possible to indulge in endless creative design gestures while allowing one to capture the mood of the space. Create a finely executed exterior space, one that flows freely from the core of the home and one that is an extension of you.

The Kent Street Collection has a simple design yet achieves a purposeful presence to its inhibited space. The two primary pieces of this collection are the left daybed and right daybed; these can be used separately or configured with other pieces within the collection. In addition to the daybeds, the Kent Street Furniture Collection has a teak center sectional chair and coffee table that can be added to the daybeds to create a larger sectional or can be used individually as stand-alone pieces. The right and left daybed can be joined together, creating one long sofa or in a corner configuration for an L-shaped sectional. The center chair is a great option for an accent or used to create more length to the sofa configuration. Finding the right shape for you and your space will act as a foundation to your exterior space and will allow you to layer in personal accents that will make your space unique.

The Kent Street Collection is made from teak wood and has a special wash that has been applied to soften the color. The subtle effect of the toned down wood celebrates a refined sensibility making this collection feel like a whimsical gift from nature. There’s a pure quality that feels sophisticated yet still captures a practicality that one can indulge in for everyday use. The teak wood will continue to go through a natural aging process called patina that will continue to soften and grey. This is a natural process and will maintain the woods beautiful aesthetic appearance without disrupting the quality of the wood. All of our pieces are designed with the intent to be used for private residences as well as commercial spaces.

The materials and technique used to create these pieces are unmatched and each piece is made for longevity. In addition to using premium quality wood, the fabrics used for the cushions are equally as impressive. The Neptune™ cushions are the leaders in performance outdoor fabrics. The fabrics and the wood both resist environmental wear and tear, and they will continue to look good with the proper care and maintenance year after year. The beauty of classic and timeless pieces is that it allows for freedom to evolve with your space overtime, offering a foundation to build upon.

We have knowledgeable staff at Teak Warehouse that can assist you with putting together a complete look for your outdoor space. Teak Warehouse looks forward to helping you each step of the way to find the right pieces and shape for your personal vision. And don’t forget, Neptune™ cushions are included with the purchase of all deep seating pieces as shown on site.

Shop our website to see hundreds of styles, all in stock, and available for white glove delivery. We are open daily and look forward to speaking with you. Request a quote online or call 800.343.7707 to place your order immediately.



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