Yuma Outdoor Teak Side Table (Charcoal)


With a shape that feels delightfully foreign while bursting forth with unmatched character makes for a piece that’s distinguished, setting itself apart from the rest. The Yuma Teak Side Table is the type of piece that that only improves over time, utilizing a solid teak wood, where aging enhances the aesthetic quality.

The Yuma Teak accent table comes in a black stain teak wood for something intriguing, perhaps expressing a quality that feels like a rare one of a kind piece. Made from a solid block of teak, these side tables have a strong weight and made to withstand many outdoor stressors allowing it to provide years of good use. These side tables work great as accent tables for an outdoor lounge space or place along one side of a rectangular concrete dining table for a pleasing play on variation.

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W11.7" x D11.7 x H16.5"


W29.5cm x D29.5cm x H42.0cm

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