Raw Concrete Planter (Tapered)

Modern and marvelous, these Raw Concrete Planters (Tapered) are a perfect item for inside or out, as a planter or a statement piece!

Made out of our unique blend of Raw Concrete and fiberglass/resin composite, which is bringing our customers some of the most exciting contemporary pieces of furniture offered! Concrete on its own can be heavy and cumbersome, but mixed with fiberglass and resin, it becomes stronger and yet lighter – so you end up with something that looks and behaves like fabulous, rustic concrete without the worry of weight or it falling apart! Raw Concrete adds a modern edge to any outdoor living room!

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Maintenance is easy with these fabulous Raw Concrete Planters (Tapered), all they need is a wipe down with a damp sponge from time to time to keep it looking clean and gorgeous! Concrete is a porous product, therefore susceptible to marking and staining from liquids. Being a planter, it will get wet! So expect your planter to change and develop in the elements. We think this look is cool, fresh and rustic, adding to the overall personality of each piece. If you would prefer to keep it a relatively flat hue, then invest in a concrete and grit sealant, eradicating the problem of watermarking!

Teak Warehouse now has a great collection of Raw Concrete products, from many shapes of planters and pots, to wonderful dining tables in café or long and square dining sizes, we also have some gorgeous Objet D’Art for the home such as concrete Pears, Apples, Soap Dishes, Candle Sticks and much, much more!

Teak Warehouse has been running for over 20 years because we specialize in outdoor furniture, bringing our customers the best of the best at reduced prices! Choose from dining sets, deep seating, shading options, relaxing chairs, sun loungers, and of course planters and pots! If you want to mix materials or are interested in other outdoor furnishings look into stunning A-Grade Teak, #316 Stainless Steel, All Weather Wicker, Neptune™, mesh from Batyline® and Textilene® brands, Reclaimed Teak and resin products – all of these materials have had proven success for outdoor use – just investigate our website or call our Teak Warehouse showroom! Our sales staff are ready and willing to help you turn your outdoor area into an extension of your living space.

Bring modern flair into your outdoor or indoor space with these tapered geometric planters. The Raw Concrete Planters (Tapered) come in 2 sizes, medium and large, so you can purchase several of both for a stacking, tiered effect or pick one or the other depending on what your space needs. At either 12 by 12 or 16 by 16 inches, these are the perfect sizes for planting a small tree or displaying some flowers or branches for decoration.

Imagine your patio, beautifully tiled, a gorgeous rectangular open space. In the middle sits one of our robust Reclaimed Teak Tables, a matching Bench is placed carefully on one side, and the rest of the table surrounded by low, luxurious dining chairs in a wicker and aluminium materials. Your BBQ is lit; ready to prepare delicious kebabs and hamburger patties and sirloins. Candles in concrete square votives are dotted on your table, flickering away. In the four corners of your space are Raw Concrete Planters (Tapered) in 16” size with branches of cherry blossom laid elegantly in them. Add a few flowers to your table display and voila! You now have a beautiful, inviting area that requires you to ‘Just Add Guests!’

Perhaps your indoors is soft, carpeted, and in desperate need of some modern sensibilities?! Get a Raw Concrete Planters (Tapered) 12” and 16” side by side in the corner of your great room, built up and filled with a tree or flowers of your choice. A wonderful mix of hard, rustic flavors of raw concrete with the soft petals and leaves in your space. Truly exceptional.

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