Pacific Teak Ottoman With Cushion
Pacific Teak Ottoman With Cushion

Pacific Teak Outdoor Ottoman

SALE PRICE: $247.50

This teak outdoor ottoman is the perfect place to rest your feet with contemporary style and minimalist looks. Topped with a Neptune™ cushion to match the height of the rest of the collection, the Pacific Teak Outdoor Ottoman is a perfect example of simplicity as style.

A-Grade Teak, Neptune™ Outdoor Fabric
W31" x D31" x H16"
W79cm x D79cm x H41cm

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Outdoor Ottoman with a Sophisticated Style

It takes a slightly less edgy approach to its design than the very industrial, muscular and contemporary Pacific teak outdoor furniture collection. It’s within this slightly tamer version of the same square design idea that you’ll find simplicity and functionality combining to make the ultimate teak outdoor ottoman. It helps turn the more business-like posture of the Pacific pieces into an easier to relax configuration. The Pacific outdoor lounge chair or the armless center sectional piece now become lounging pieces, where it’s expected that you put up your feet and get into the relaxation mode.

The square lines and balanced look of this modern piece allow it to go anywhere and serve as an accoutrement to just about any other furniture, A-Grade teak or otherwise. This outdoor ottoman is made of A-Grade teak, sourced to provide a consistent and timeless look whether you are determined to keep it looking warm and golden or whether you allow it to age and patina to a perfect silvery finish in the outdoors.

The Pacific Outdoor Ottoman isn’t just a place to put your feet up in front of a chair; it feels equally at home in front of a sofa or sectional. The (just over) 30” wide squared, Pacific Teak Outdoor Ottoman gives enough impact to allow it to feel comfortable in front of large furniture pieces as well. The adaptable design features square legs connected to thinner pieces to form a very fluid but angular design. It’s because of this flow that comes from this outdoor ottoman that it has the ability to integrate so smoothly with such a wide array of other furniture.

About A-Grade Teak Furniture

Teak is the best natural material for outdoor furniture. A Grade Teak is what Teak Warehouse is famous for. This isn’t standard Teak wood. A-Grade teak is milled from the premium part of the tree. All A-Grade teak in all aspects is the best looking most consistent teak available. We use only A-Grade teak for our new teak products (we also sell premium reclaimed teak furniture). Our A-Grade teak has the following benefits of teak such as: it is hard and dense; evenly grained, gorgeous and all-weather capable. A-Grade teak develops a smooth even patina over time in outdoor conditions and has inherent qualities in the wood to resist pests and bugs and rot. Our teak is sustainably harvested in the Perum Perhutani organization in Central Java, Indonesia. We are proud that we use mature trees which are 40 years old or more, for our outdoor furniture.

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About Neptune™ Outdoor Fabric Material

Neptune™ is a beautiful, fade resistant, rot and mildew resistant UV protected fabric, fantastic for year round use outdoors. It’s a perfect match for the high-end products we produce. We use it to cover cushions for our different outdoor furniture collections and for our patio umbrellas. Neptune™ has built an exceptional reputation throughout world. Click to find out more about Neptune™ Fabric.

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How to Care for your A-Grade Teak Furniture

A-Grade Teak is the best natural material for outdoor furniture. It simply has no equal for this application especially for the marine industry and outdoor furniture. It’s been used out at sea for centuries in boats and sea-going vessels subject to saltwater and UV exposure. To maintain your teak, there are specific and beneficial practices and techniques. For this information we invite you to click through to see comprehensive A-Grade Teak Furniture Care information.

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How to Care for your Neptune™ Outdoor Fabric Material

Neptune™ fabric is a fantastic fabric for outdoor use. It is able to keep its looks while offering a long-lasting integrity and is resistant to UV light, extreme temperature variances, moisture and mildew. Click to find out specific care information for Neptune™ fabric.

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