Oro Organic Teak Accent Table (Natural)

Wholesale Price: $209.00

The Oro Organic Teak Outdoor Accent Table is a stunning and unique piece of outdoor furniture that will add a touch of natural beauty to any outdoor space. The table is designed in the shape of a teak tree root, which provides an organic and earthy feel that complements outdoor environments. The intricate grain patterns and knots in the wood create a sense of texture and depth, adding to the table’s natural beauty. As a versatile piece of outdoor furniture, the Oro Organic Teak Outdoor Accent Table can be used as a standalone piece or paired with other outdoor furniture. Its unique shape and natural materials make it a great choice for those who appreciate both style and sustainability, and it can be used as a side table, accent piece, or even a stool.

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TW Cover

Oro Organic Teak Accent Table (Natural) Cover (Iron Grey)

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Wholesale Price: $125.00
Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions W 16 x D 16 x H 18 in

Orders ship in approx. 2 weeks; this does not include orders that require cushion production. All orders ship in entirety.

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