Gabby Stained Teak Side Table (Black)

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We love it when a piece of furniture is simple, refined, and has a quiet style, yet still packs a punch in the style department. This is exactly what the Gabby Teak Side Table does. A solid chunk of teak wood has been shaped into a tall square side table and stained an elegant black. You can choose to add it to a modern living space, or an organic and eclectic space. It all depends on how you decorate it and finish off the look. Use within a sheltered space for best longevity.

The Gabby Side Table is ready to be shipped to your home. Call us today to place your order, or request a quote online. Each one is sold separately.

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L11.7” x W11.7” x H16.5”


L30cm x W30cm x H42cm


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