Neptune Umbrella Canvas-0
Neptune Umbrella Canvas-0

Neptune Umbrella Canvas

Remarkably durable and timeless in style; the Neptune™ range of umbrellas are perfect for many spaces.

The Canvas Neptune is a splendid off-white market umbrella useful for many scenarios! Whether it is a family picnic, a stationary patio umbrella or en masse in your restaurant or day spa; these gorgeous ‘brollies’ are terrific!

Try three Canvas Neptunes alongside your pool, with three of our Roberto Loungers and a Lilli Box in Java for good measure! You’ll relish being shaded in style and comfort!

The overall height of the Neptune Umbrella from ground to the top of the canopy is 109”, this includes the height of the base. The umbrella base shown is sold separately, and it is not included in the price. Please call if you have questions about choosing an umbrella base.

Anodized Aluminum, Neptune™ Outdoor Fabric

Available in the following Sizes:

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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The Canvas Neptune&reg Umbrella will look fantastic with our range of café tables. Purchase several Square Pedestal Tables in different sizes with a corresponding size of umbrella. Place our fabulous, classic Prego Chairs around each table and dress with mini hurricane lamps or a vase of wild flowers. Your guests will love eating outside with you!

The Canvas Neptune&reg Umbrellas are so easy to use and maneuver that you can have a couple stored away for use on hot days out on your patio or in your vast backyard.

The smaller Neptune&reg umbrellas are also easy to travel with – perfect for those family beach picnics!

These high quality Neptune™ umbrellas are now available at wholesale prices with Neptune™ fabric canopy, aluminum poles with a teak finish and an easy pulley system. The umbrella base is sold separately. You can choose from a Steel Flat Base, the Rimini Base or our Concrete Bases in a range of sizes to fit the umbrella of your choice

About Neptune™ Outdoor Fabric Material

Neptune™ is a beautiful, fade resistant, rot and mildew resistant UV protected fabric, fantastic for year round use outdoors. It’s a perfect match for the high-end products we produce. We use it to cover cushions for our different outdoor furniture collections and for our patio umbrellas. Neptune™ has built an exceptional reputation throughout world. Click to find out more about Neptune™ Fabric.

Click to Read More About Neptune™ Outdoor Fabric Material

How to Care for your Neptune™ Outdoor Fabric Material

Neptune™ fabric is a fantastic fabric for outdoor use. It is able to keep its looks while offering a long-lasting integrity and is resistant to UV light, extreme temperature variances, moisture and mildew. Click to find out specific care information for Neptune™ fabric.

Click to Read More About Neptune™ Outdoor Fabric Care

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