Bay Teak Outdoor Furniture Collection

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Shown above: 4 Bay Center Chairs, 1 Bay Corner Chair, and 1 Bay Ottoman.
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The Bay Deep Seating collection is a fun new combination of materials which give traditional looks, with a modern edge, while balancing light weight, comfort and ease of maintenance. This collection has it all! The lightweight frames are teak, treated for a lighter, raw look that will patina perfectly in the natural outdoor environment over time to ensure you get that perfect classic silver look teak is famous for. The seating surfaces are Neptune covered foam cushions on top of a lightweight composite cordage that utilizes synthetic materials for year round outdoor use over many years. The resulting effect is a bit of springiness and yet, ample firmness as well. This is a truly comfortable, low-key look, with long, lean lines that is just incredibly functional and will last for a long time in any outdoor environment. The three piece collection includes a teak ottoman with cushion, an (armless) center sectional piece and a corner piece which has angled backing on two sides that for a corner. The Bay Teak Outdoor Furniture Collection is available as a set of three pieces or purchased separately.




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