Concrete Furniture

Our concrete furniture is a best seller at Teak Warehouse. A huge range of tables, benches, charming stools and even deep seating; the concrete collection is available for use indoors or out.
A blend of concrete, fiberglass and resin mean that the furniture is lighter in weight and less susceptible to breaking.
Concrete furniture has a natural, urban, raw feel which develops and changes over time.
We are proud of our concrete collection, it is contemporary, rustic, dramatic and appealing. Concrete Tables can be paired up with matching garden benches or mixed up with mesh and stainless steel chairs for an even more modern look; while our accessories like planters and bowls are fantastic additions to really personalize your space.
It is mildly absorbent so rainfall and spills that aren’t wiped will change your piece of furniture to having a rustic look, and be slightly darker or lighter in areas.
Concrete is also known to develop hairline cracks under the sun. This is what happens after extreme exposure to the elements and not something that should affect the integrity of the framework. Our customers find these changes attractive and pleasing, only adding to the unique, stylish piece of furniture. However to minimize these changes, you must invest in a concrete sealant, which will assist in absorption.
Learn more about Outdoor Concrete Furniture and its Care.
Our concrete furniture is the modern answer to your furniture needs. Those who enjoy the organic look of concrete will love this furniture. Explore our website, visit our showroom or call us today to discuss what piece from the concrete collection will work best for you.