Batyline Mesh Furniture Care



Produced in France, Batyline® mesh is a strong, beautiful and durable fabric, it has a bounce back quality that will stop it from sagging or stretching in areas.

Sun and rain will not effect Batyline® furniture, it can handle the harshness of changing weather conditions because of its extreme strength from a scientifically tested, coated polyester cloth.
To clean Batyline® furniture, simply wash the mesh with a mild natural soap (such as liquid dish detergent) and fresh water, using a soft bristle brush. Rinse and dry with a cloth, to avoid water stains on the stainless steel frames. Batyline® should not be cleaned with aggressive commerical cleaners, as it can damage the weave and makeup of the fabric.

Batyline® fabrics dry very quickly because of their open structure; with care, it should have a long life.

Sagging of Batyline® mesh is minimal because it has a maximum stretch of 3 percent. It also has a memory – it will slowly regain its original shape after it has been used, especially when placed out in the sun.

Avoid any sharp objects coming in contact with the material, which can be cut.

For the best Batyline® care, we recommend avoiding scouring agents as well as solvents to clean and maintain the Batyline®. With these simple cleaning and drying instructions, one is able to care for the Batyline® product in a very short amount of time! With regular care, the product will be able to have a long life duration and will often look as new as the day you first bought it!
Batyline® stacking chairs will are fine to be stacked against each other for long periods of time and won’t fuse together.

We are proud to use Batyline® products in a range of dining chairs, loungers and relaxing chairs. The fabric is available in taupe, white or black, all of which look fantastic with a-grade teak, concrete and stainless steel. Explore our site or call us today to discuss what options may work for you.

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