Beyond the Ordinary: Outdoor Benches for your Extraordinary Garden

Looking for a comfortable spot to take in your surroundings, or a versatile seating option for when guests come around? That will be the garden bench, with several stellar options available at Teak Warehouse depending on your personal style.

We offer unique outdoor benches, garden benches, teak benches, backless benches and dining benches in a wide variety of materials like reinforced concrete, A-Grade teak, reclaimed teak and outdoor wicker. With a style to meet any brief, our benches also come in all sizes, from single seat benches where space is at a premium, or where you might want a specific style, to larger dining benches, backless, with dimensions to match standard dining sizes. You’ll find our best garden benches are a mix of comfortable details, beautiful design and incredible materials – and crafted with your enjoyment in mind.

If you have a generous garden or spacious patio, then you may opt for a large teak garden bench that will help delineate your living area. Smaller benches will sit easily in smaller outdoor spaces,  elevating the look of your private al fresco oasis.

Millar Bench for garden

The Millar Reclaimed Teak Bench

Grand, regal, and yet tastefully refined, the Millar Reclaimed Teak Bench (pictured above) has everything you could want from a thoroughly contemporary garden bench. It is constructed from premium reclaimed teak, with a thick, strong frame that adds an element of sturdiness as it centers any garden space. This chunky teak bench also features incredible attention to detail in the flats and curves that meld so perfectly together, making for a stylish, one-of-a-kind design that charms from the moment you lay eyes on it. Part of the Gommaire collection from Belgium, the Millar is both regal and timeless; outstanding, and yet not over-the top – a study in elegance and durability. The recycled and reclaimed teak we use at Teak Warehouse is sourced from large format teak, which allows us to create incredible unique pieces like the Millar that are built to endure.

Monet Curved Teak Garden Bench
Monet Teak Garden Bench

The Monet Teak Bench

A very popular choice with good reason, the Monet Teak Bench (right) will work beautifully alone or as your centerpiece for a larger setting. Perfect if you favor softer lines, the Monet Teak Bench is part of the romantic, whimsical and heavy-duty Monet Collection, each piece integrating geometric lines with ergonomically rounded pieces for comfort. The Monet Teak Bench features a wonderful, gentle curve in the back and seat of the framework, easing beautifully into any garden surroundings. Perhaps have it framed by your favorite potted plant or tree in one of our raw concrete planters, or place a Monet Chair on either side and a table in the middle and voila! You have an open, welcoming setting, superbly suited for casual drinks and platters with friends.


The Lutyens Bench

Lutyens Bench For Two
Lutyens Bench For Two

The Lutyens Wooden Outdoor Bench is another much-loved option, and is a beautiful and classic addition to any outdoor space. Steeped in tradition, the traditional two-seater (pictured right), with a famous bench design created by British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, is made of solid A-grade Teak using mortise and tenon construction. Teak as a premium material for outdoor living has a long and impressive history, which is why we use it for so many of our stunning outdoor collections. It has always been the premium natural material for anything exposed to moisture, UV rays, or otherwise harsh environments, as its dense oils allow the wood to resist inclement weather, temperature changes, and damaging pests. A-Grade teak will easily outlast other natural materials like other hardwoods and softwoods, and as aforementioned, continues to look beautiful while performing. There are century-old marine teak park benches dotted all over Europe made from dismantled ships – a sure fire testament to the durability of the much-loved wood! Oh and we also offer a three-seater Lutyens bench if you have a larger space to fill, and a Lutyens Teak Outdoor Chair.

Hunter Reclaimed Teak Dining Backless Bench
Hunter Reclaimed Teak Bench

The Hunter Reclaimed Teak Bench

If backless is more your style, why not create a classic family-style outdoor dining space with the Hunter Reclaimed Teak Bench? Pair two benches with a dining table, or use just one bench and add several dining chairs. When backless benches are used around a dining table they create a vibe that encourages you to gather around and share a meal, and they are ideal for families with kids. The Hunter wooden bench seat (pictured, left) is made using very thick and substantial pieces of reclaimed teak, and is chunky and strong without being overly bulky. The teak is left raw and unfinished allowing it to age and turn a beautiful grey over time, but there is also the option of having it professionally finished as well. We love that backless benches can also be used as standalone seating in your garden, on your narrow balcony or in your foyer.

Toscana Teak Backless Dining Bench
Toscana Teak Backless Bench

The Toscana Bench

A modern take on a classic design; the Toscana Bench (right) is one of our most popular teak benches. The Toscana is sturdy and sophisticated with its solid, robust frame and delicate, curved slatting on the seat, which adds an element of comfort that friends and family will most definitely appreciate. Try mixing things up by placing the Toscana Bench with our substantial Hampton Table if you’re looking for an inspired dining setting, or place a couple of smaller Toscana Benches together by a water feature for a more contemplative vibe. Constructed using sustainable, beautiful A-Grade Teak and marine grade fittings, be relaxed in the knowledge that you have quality, long lasting seating that you will love for a lifetime.

The Raw Concrete Bench

Raw Concrete Outdoor Dining Bench
Raw Concrete Outdoor Bench

Finally, with a strong, urban style, our Raw Concrete Bench (right) is a great standalone piece for your garden, or complementary to a concrete or teak dining table. At Teak Warehouse we use a high-quality, lightweight concrete and resin mix to make outdoor furniture with all the beauty and toughness of raw concrete, but without the heavy weight. Unique garden seating pieces like this can be moved easily as needed, and reinforced to keep them looking amazing for many years to come.

Late summer days and clear nights deserve to be spent outdoors in complete comfort. If you’re wanting to add a beautiful bench to your garden or al fresco living space, we can help. Teak Warehouse has been supplying outdoor furniture to the public for over two decades at wholesale prices so you can get the best quality of outdoor furnishings for your home. Browse our online catalogue or please visit either of our San Diego or Los Angeles area showrooms. You can email us at [email protected] to request a quote to start planning your al fresco living space today.


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