What Does A-Grade Teak mean?

At Teak Warehouse we love crafting outdoor furniture using A-Grade teak wood, but have you ever wondered why? Grade-A Teak is the finest quality teak wood available, and comes from the heart of the tree. Its beauty is unsurpassable, but that’s not the only reason we choose it for our outdoor dining tables, chairs, teak deep seating furniture  collections and more. As well as being the best looking, densest quality wood of the tectona grandis tree, it withstands the elements and can stay looking beautiful forever.

Kuba Premium Teak Outdoor Furniture Collection
Kuba Grade-A Teak Outdoor Furniture Collection

A flawless finish

A-Grade teak begins its life as a blonde, with subtle honey and warm wheat colour variances. This makes it such a great choice if like us, you’re a true aesthete when it comes to choosing the pieces that make up your outdoor space. It does not contain the same inclusions and undesirable elements of the lesser quality wood in the tree, and is also incredibly dense, with natural oils and rubber compounds and silica present within the wood itself.

The fact that it has no cracks, knots, splits, signs of infestation or damage that can affect the integrity of the wood as it ages, means it will remain looking good for its lifetime. We love that it often matures into a very distinguished silvery grey that is a delight all its own.

Why is A-Grade teak such a great choice for outdoor furniture in particular?

Teak as a premium material for outdoor living has a long and impressive history. It has always been the premium natural material for anything exposed to moisture, UV rays, or otherwise harsh environments, as its dense oils allow the wood to resist inclement weather, temperature changes, and damaging pests.

It will easily outlast other natural materials like other hardwoods and softwoods, and as aforementioned, continues to look beautiful while performing. How long does teak furniture last? There are century-old marine teak park benches dotted all over Europe made from dismantled ships – a sure fire testament to the durability of the much-loved wood!

Lutyens 3 seater outdoor teak bench angle
Lutyens Grade-A Teak Bench

Sustainability and traceability

As with any material in 2021, teak should always be sourced from reputable and sustainable sources. And there are so many reasons for this that go beyond just the quality of the wood. Improper or irresponsible sourcing can lead to lower total quality of available stock, as well as poor ecological conditions in the local source areas and market instability. These all have a real effect on the end product you receive, the price you pay for it and the long-term viability of the teak wood market and timber sources.

At Teak Warehouse we have long nurtured relationships with trusted suppliers, and source only from the finest Javanese plantations. We only use sustainably harvested Javanese teak for our furniture that has been obtained from the government agency Perum Perhutani, which controls the access to and harvesting of tectona grandis. Perum Perhutani’s carefully crafted initiatives and continued regulation of the teak farms allows sustainability to be always top of mind, and the limitation of the felling of teak trees on an annual basis helps to promote further reforestation.

We are proud of the fact that we are proponents of responsible harvesting practices, and the quality of mature trees (40+ years old) is exponentially better than the younger trees harvested in newer, less stable and less credible plantations.

Late summer days and clear nights deserve to be spent outdoors in complete comfort. If you’re adding to your al fresco living space with some A-Grade teak furniture, we can help. Teak Warehouse has been supplying outdoor furniture to the public for over two decades at wholesale prices so you can get the best quality of outdoor furnishings for your home. Browse our online catalogue or please visit either of our San Diego or Los Angeles area outdoor furniture showrooms. You can email us at [email protected] to request a quote to start planning your glamorous garden today.

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