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For many of us, our home is our sanctuary, even more so given the upheaval of the past year or so. It’s a place where we eat, sleep, relax and love, but also a place of refuge from the unsettled times that lie just outside our front doors. If you, like many of us, have found solace in a meditation or mindfulness practice over the last few months, perhaps now is the time to create a dedicated space for exactly that, where you can tune in and drift away whenever you feel the need.

Your home is a carefully curated collection of dedicated spaces, so if meditation is part of your daily routine then allocating a meditation space for it makes great sense. And while it is possible to meditate anywhere, it does help to have a go-to meditation space in the home, especially if you are new to the practice. Creating a designated space at home that is calm and free from distractions can really help the mind stay focused, and if you regularly practice in the same place you will begin to associate that corner of your home with a calming energy.

Set aside a special corner – or even a room –  for a place to foster calm, with comforting surroundings and thoughtful design details that will have you finding your zen before you even know it.

maid reclaimed teak stool
Maid Reclaimed Teak Stool

Embrace the minimal

When it comes to a meditation or mindfulness space, for many of us less is more. For your own dedicated space at home, incorporate simple cushions and perhaps a small stool alongside some items special to you such as crystals, candles, or similar. Our Maid Reclaimed Teak Stool is a wonderful choice, and suitable for so many different spaces. Beautifully constructed from reclaimed teak, it has a lovely worn in feel and golden hue, giving it the vibe of a vintage piece you have had in the family for years.

If you’re looking for a bolder style, the teak Outdoor Ottoman from the Havana Collection is a standout piece inspired by Mid-Century modern design. The Neptune cushion made to fit exactly on the top of this teak ottoman also allows it to be used as part of a set if you find yourself needing impromptu seating for an extra guest.

Logan Outdoor Wicker Single Arm Sectional (Black)
Logan Single Arm Wicker Chair

Consider neutral

While bright, bold colors can be fun and uplifting, there’s something about gentle, neutral hues that’s oh-so-relaxing. Even though your eyes will most likely be closed while you meditate, it’s important to feel relaxed in the space as soon as you sit down, and many will find pale, neutral shades are the most calming. However, others may feel more cocooned and at ease within a darker palette, and at Teak Warehouse we have some beautiful pieces that can adapt to meet either desire.

A divine piece to relax and reset on is the Logan Single Arm Chair (left), which is beautiful when used as part of a deep seating set but also a treat on its own. The natural synthetic wicker frame is light and fresh, complimenting the loose weave and giving it a transparent quality that feels light and whimsical. In addition, each piece from the Logan collection is made from materials that are weather-safe and with the proper care will last for many years.

organic carved votive
Organic Carved Votives

Mood lighting

When you are deciding where to create your new meditation space, think about what kind of light allows you to focus best. Natural light is wonderful, and you may want to choose a space that faces the sun to take advantage of beautiful dawn or dusk light. Or, if you prefer dimmed light, opt for a space with curtains and use candles as your light source. Other than lighting your space, candles, along with incense, aromatherapy oils, and smudge sticks, add new layers to your practice.

Our Organic Carved Votives are perfect for this purpose, as are our Vine Hurricane lamps, which are an elegant addition to the home. Available in two sizes and made of powderstone, these lamps will gently light up your space in no time.

Take Your Meditation Space Outdoors

It makes perfect sense to take a meditation practice outside when the weather is behaving, as there is nothing better than soaking up the sounds of the birds and the wind whistling through the trees. You can design it however you like, just be sure to include waterproof, outdoor-friendly pieces and materials.

No space is better defined than with a rug, and the neutral, linen tones and brown hues of our Studio One Outdoor Rug in Light Grey make it a stellar choice. This outdoor rug will define your space but won’t overwhelm it, and as it is made of polyethylene fibers in a tight knit, it is both durable and strong.

And chill

Remember, the whole point of meditation is to remove stress from your life, so don’t create extra stress by trying to perfect an over-the-top, sumptuous meditation space. Think minimal and calm, and you’re half way there.

With the right design, your home can provide a stillness that is also essential to well-being. Introducing furnishings that takes a calm and comforting approach creates a liveable space to provide an escapists dream.  Make your Los Angeles relaxing furniture destination Teak Warehouse, we offer a variety of outdoor furnishings with quality materials and richly produced textiles to adorn your space. All outdoor furniture pieces come fully assembled and available for delivery so there is minimal wait time so you can start enjoying your new exterior as soon as possible. Browse our online catalog or please visit either of our San Diego or Los Angeles area showrooms. You can email us at [email protected] to request a quote to start planning your outdoor meditation space today.

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