Elegant White Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

If you’re interested in designing an elegant contemporary outdoor space with a sophisticated feel, consider aluminum outdoor deep seating in white.  These outdoor furniture pieces feature clean sleek lines and modern design elements. The appeal of this type of modern design comes from the desire for less ornate details and a strong focus on the minimalist qualities that allow for the design and materials to play a larger role. Elegant white aluminum outdoor furniture plays perfectly into this type of sophisticated contemporary design.

As a luxury outdoor furniture material aluminum is perfect, it’s an extremely resilient metal with incredible barrier properties that will block out moisture, light, and oxygen and therefore is not sensitive to environmental elements making this a dynamic metal that is highly sought after. Aluminum outdoor furniture is pleasing to the eye and easy to care for. Most of the aluminum at Teak Warehouse is powder-coated to an attractive color or is laser varnished.  Powder-coated aluminum is a beautiful and durable material for outdoor furniture. It is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and great looking.  Here we look at three of our favorite Powder Coated Aluminum Collections in White.

Kobii Outdoor Furniture in white and grey
Kobii Aluminum Furniture Collection

Kobii Aluminum Deep Seating Collection in White

Refined contemporary aluminum outdoor seating, the Kobii Collection (above) is Italian designed and will enhance your outdoor space with elegance and style. The furniture collection includes sectional and fixed units so that you can configure it to fit your space. The white powder-coated aluminum legs, combined with elegant Italian outdoor fabrics create a luxury feel that is perfect for any outdoor living area. The Kobii Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Collection in white is bold and stylish and on another design level.

Coast elegant white Aluminum Furniture Collection
Coast Aluminum Furniture Collection

Coast Aluminum Deep Seating Collection in White

The Coast Aluminum Collection stands out with its classic design and the expansive wide deep seating feature that brings superior comfort to your exterior space. Modern materials combined with traditional design, juxtaposing one another to create this sophisticated and on-trend furniture collection. This modular set is cohesively designed as a seven-piece furniture collection that allows you to create the sectional that works best for your space. This collection is available in elegant white and black with complimenting Neptune™ performance fabric cushions that have been outfitted for this collection.

mykonos white aluminum outdoor furniture collection
Mykonos Aluminum Furniture Collection

Mykonos Aluminum Deep Seating Collection in White

The Mykonos Collection features a unique design, with box-shaped cutouts created with horizontal flat styled panels that convey that iconic contemporary mode. This collection comes in a bright white hue, beaming with sophistication and expressing a casual tone, which will dictate the mood of the space. This uniform collection looks incredibly used in its entirety or paired with a teak root side or coffee table for a balanced contrast.

The contemporary appeal that comes from these elegant outdoor furniture collections gives you the ability to bring in pieces that have context and allure. The striking style and sophistication of this aluminum furniture will leave an impressive mark on your space. With their strong materials, classically identifiable shapes, and contemporary appeal these aluminum outdoor deep seating collections will bring function and elegant layers to your home. We have a knowledgeable staff team that can assist you with putting together a complete look for your outdoor space. Teak Warehouse looks forward to helping you each step of the way to find the right elegant white aluminum deep seating collection for your vision. Browse our online outdoor furniture catalog to view each piece or visit our showroom in person. We are open daily and look forward to speaking with you. Call 800.343.7707 or email us at [email protected]

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