Chairs for Your Favorite Sunny Spot

Create from an honest starting point that will help you plan a space with intention. Having a space in your exterior that you enjoy going to and one that serves as a meaningful and functional space should be well dressed with items that bring you a casual comfort. An outdoor relaxing chair ought not be overlooked as a furnishing option that can make a flourishing impact on how you enjoy your time spent outside. Let’s take a look at some of the latest outdoor relaxing chairs from our collection that are available at Teak Warehouse this season.

Wright Relaxing Chair Angle View
Wright Outdoor Club Chair


This piece brings an elevated comfort to your exterior. The Wright Outdoor Relaxing Chair was made to feel like a cloud wrapping you in its warmth as you descend upon the soft curves of the frame that welcome you in. The powder-coated aluminum frame is wrapped in a voluminous knitted rope that provides the essence of an oversized throw blanket. The chairs come outfitted in performance fabric Neptune™ cushions, leaving no surface space available to chance, each comfortable moment accounted for. Try accenting the chair with the Coco Reclaimed Teak Square Side Table. The natural wood and angular shape juxtaposes the chair to brighten and warm the space. The combination results in quiet, peacefully mingled fixtures to provide an environment to lull you into a blissfully sweet state.

Sunai Open Weave Relaxing Chair - Angle View
Sunai Open Weave Relaxing Swivel Chair


The circular shape and tall back combine for a relaxing chair that’s fun and comforting. The Sunai Relaxing Chair makes a visual mark on your space while the rotating wheels gives the chair a performative edge. Use the chair in pairs in case you have company and accent your personal outdoor space with the Lolli Teak Side Table that compliments the soft grey tone with the natural wood undulations of the side table. The open weave of the swivel chair provides a light and airy visual while the solid block of teak provides an anchoring fixture for the exterior to create a place for peaceful relaxation.



Studio Cyprus Rope Outdoor Dining Chair
Studio Cyprus Weave Relaxing Chair


This tubular style relaxing chair makes the perfect match for a quaint nook in the backyard to indulge in some rest and relaxation. The Studio Cyprus Weave Relaxing Chair has a wrap around backrest that creates definition and an invitation to rest. The chair comes accented with a Neptune™ cushion fitted to the shape of the backrest so you can sink into the chair and feel the world melt around you. This chair is oversized so it can be paired with a small coffee table to balance out the space. The Ida Coffee Table in Charcoal acts as the best counterpart to this relaxing chair. They have a contemporary design that goes well together and gives your space a sartorial tone that feels refined and modern.

Teak Warehouse knows how important these personal spaces can be. Often considered an extension of who you are, a place that holds your quiet moments, and something that becomes a restorative practice, a ritual space of sorts. Each piece is carefully selected to bring you quality, comfort, and style for you to express your best creative tendencies. Browse our online catalog or if you have any questions our knowledgeable staff is available to assist you 7 days a week. Call us at (800) 343.7707 or email us at [email protected] to get started today!

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