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As the temperature begins to climb towards the warmth of summer it’s hard to ignore the urge to want to be outside. Whether you find yourself at home or indulging in long afternoons near a pool or beach, the right sun loungers or daybeds can make all the difference. At Teak Warehouse we know the importance of designing an outdoor lounge space, an antidote for afternoons where the sun can gracefully bronze your skin while enjoying the exceptional comfort of luxury outdoor loungers.

A classic approach to an outdoor lounge space are grade-a teak daybeds, sun loungers and steamers. Grade-a teak has extensive strength and is such a versatile material that it can go with a variety of settings. Teak is a highly sought after material for outdoor use, famously used on yachting boats due to its high oil content that repels water and ability to maintain it’s structure for years while being exposed to a variety of weather conditions. A well-made teak sun lounger is never the wrong choice, a timeless quality that stands the test of time. Let’s look at a few of our best-kept grade-a teak outdoor sun loungers.

tango teak pool chair - black
Tango Teak and Mesh Sun Loungers

1. Tango Teak and Mesh Sun Loungers
The Tango Teak and Mesh Sun Loungers takes a sleek approach to luxury outdoor design. The mesh seating is great for hot days as it allows the air to move effortlessly. A practical piece that can determine the mood of your space for a fresh and lasting appeal.


Teak Steamer Chair
Classic Teak Steamer

2. Classic Teak Steamer Chair
Reflective of a time when luxury ship liners cruised across the Atlantic Ocean and guests spent time relaxing on the boats decks under the sun. Today the design has transcended and still used in many resorts, hotels, and cruise ships for a classic nostalgia that will transport you to another place and time.


3. Kuba Teak Sun Lounger
Extra wide, set to the floor for a sleek contemporary look. The Kuba Teak Sun Lounger has box like proportions that creates a serene and harmonious tone for an exterior lounge space. The adjustable backrest gives you options to meet the current mood, whether you find yourself poolside or on an airy deck looking out over incredible views, this sun lounger meets all the requirements.

Contemporary materials like outdoor UV-treated rope and powder-coated aluminum makes an effortless match for your outdoor space. Defined by a sense of glamour and prestige, the clean design of these modern pieces brings sophistication with a slight edge.

Glaze White Aluminum Sun Lounger
Glaze Aluminum Lounge Chair

1. Glaze Aluminum Sun Lounger
This is the perfect outdoor sun lounger for urban spaces that have a contemporary edge and for commercial spaces as well. These loungers are designed in all white with a mesh seating and a teak detail on the side panel. Sumptuous textiles and a bright tone mingle for a luxurious piece that welcomes you to gather around.

Kobii Light Grey and white Sun Lounger With Cushion
Kobii Aluminum Lounger

2. Kobii Aluminum Outdoor Sun Lounger
This sleek and sophisticated piece provides comfort and elegance for the best experience in outdoor lounge furniture. There’s an abstract quality that feels ultra modern brining a sense of visual interest to your space. The design has a modern nautical appeal great for coastal locations and resorts. The Kobii Sun Lounger comes outfitted with Neptune™ performance fabrics with a convenient built in pillow so you can relax in comfort.

Teak Warehouse has a variety of options for outdoor lounge chairs in a variety of materials and colors. Curate a space that welcomes you to take advantage of the summer days and nights. The sun loungers and day beds always look great with a cantilever umbrella that you can adjust according to the placement of the sun. Teak Warehouse is eager to help you with all your design needs. Call us at (800) 343-7707, email us at [email protected] to request a qoute, or browse our online catalog to start planning your space today!

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