Made in the Shade, Find the Perfect Umbrella for Your Patio

Patio umbrellas bring a graceful functionality to an outdoor space that allows you to get the most out of your homes outdoor environment. Modern architectural design focuses on a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor, paired with a popular demand for domesticated outdoor spaces, these require appropriate shading options for optimal comfort. This guide will help you gain an understanding of key items to consider like style, materials, and features in order to make an informed choice for your space. Let’s take a look at the vast selection of patio umbrellas and all their variations available at Teak Warehouse.


There are two types of patio umbrella styles; the center pole umbrella and the offset umbrella style.

jamaica patio umbrella taupe
Market Umbrella: Jamaica Patio Umbrella
Mauritius Cantilever Umbrella straight
Offset Umbrella: Mauritius Cantilever Umbrella

Center Pole: The center pole umbrella is defined by the presence of a straight pole that extends from the top of the canopy to a securing base. This umbrella is commonly referred to as the “market umbrella.”

Offset: The offset umbrella features an arched or jointed pole positioned off to one side. This umbrella is also known as a “cantilever umbrella” that rotates to provide 360° of coverage. The canopy is supported from the side and above, allowing it to hang freely over a variety of seating and table configurations without the obstruction of the center pole.

round dixon grey umbrella
Dixon Market Olefin Round Umbrella



When deciding on the shape of your umbrella, consider the shape of the table or space you want to cover, whether there are any physical constraints to your outdoor environment, and your personal aesthetic preference. If your table is rounded or angular you would complement the shape of the fixture with that of the canopy shape. We carry umbrella canopies from a 6 foot umbrella up to 12 ft patio umbrellas.

Measuring the area you want shaded will help to determine the size of the umbrella. A good rule of thumb for an outdoor umbrella is that the canopy should extend 2-2 1/2 feet beyond the edge of the area you wish to shade.

tiki square patio umbrella black
Tiki Square Patio Umbrella – Black

Round (aka Octagonal): this is the most common shape and complements a traditional design style and works well for covering symmetrical areas. Round umbrellas are good options for environments with a lot of surrounding foliage as the shape helps it all blend together for a seamless look.

Square: A visually balanced shape. The square umbrella enhances contemporary décor styles and creates a sleek elegant look.



The canopy material is arguably the most important part of the umbrella to consider when purchasing a patio umbrella. Considering your climate can help determine the overall decision on materials so if you live in a coastal area, high altitude, or windy area you would want to choose materials that perform well in those conditions. The color or patterns communicate the mood while the quality of the fabric is what provides protection from the heart and glare of the sun.

market square dixon umbrella - white
Olefin Canopy Umbrella: Dixon Market Olefin Square Umbrella
market square dixon umbrella - grey
Polyester Canopy Umbrella: Market Patio Umbrella
Antigua 10ft Cantilever Umbrella (White)-4906
Neptune™ Canopy Umbrella: Antigua Cantilever Umbrella








Neptune™ Fabrics: an acrylic fabric for residential and commercial grade outdoor textiles. Highly resistant to the elements and hold its color for years. The Antiqua Cantilever Umbrella line is highly popular among our Neptune umbrellas.

Polyester Fabrics: comparable to acrylic fabrics. Polyester has a luxurious feel and retains its rich colors. The Market Patio Umbrella is one of our affordable polyester models

Olefin Fabrics: synthetic polyolefin fabric similar to polyester. Known for its UV protection and highly durable characteristics. The Dixon Square Market Umbrella is beautiful with its crisp white Olefin canopy.

Flat Steel Umbrella Base With Casters



Umbrellas need to be paired with a base or stand; these are available as a mobile or fixed option. It’s critical to make the appropriate pairing for your umbrella stand combination so your umbrella is stable and upright and in the right position in case the weather acts up.

kingston in ground umbrella base

Mobile: commonly used in residential spaces. These can be moved with minimal effort and some models come with wheels for convenience. Our bases are made from steel, granite, or concrete to provide a heaviness that will keep the umbrella stable.

Fixed: more common in commercial spaces. These patio umbrella stands are secured into the ground by attaching them to a particular surface.

Whether you have a cool deck or balcony or a lavish backyard, an outdoor umbrella is a necessary fixture for your space so you won’t have to sacrifice comfort and style. Knowing your options and what will work best for your space allows you to select the perfect cantilever or market umbrella for your environment. Browse our online catalog to view all the sun umbrellas Teak Warehouse offers. We offer national white glove delivery service so you can safely get your items delivered to your home. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, email us at [email protected] or call us at (800) 343.7707 and start planning your outdoor space today!

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