Give Your Pool Pizzazz with These Poolside Furniture Pieces

Pool furniture and accents work to elevate the refinement of a pool to create definition and function for the space. Decide on the feeling you want to contrive from your poolside heaven to help determine the direction of the project. A seaside Mediterranean city, a tropical paradise, or a regally classical space emphasizing tradition are just a few options for the aesthetic you can create. We looked at 5 key elements that will help alter the space so you can enjoy your outdoor pool with ease.

Modern White Aluminum Sun Lounger
Glaze Aluminum Sun Lounger – White


Swimming, sun bathing, and lounging combine for the perfect summer day. Your pool area will enjoy a single sided row of sun loungers, chaise lounges, or daybeds so you can lay out and dry next to the water of an elegant swimming pool. The Glaze Aluminum Sun Lounger is modern yet minimalistic enough to work in a variety of design settings. For a more conservative approach, the Kuba Teak Sun Lounger is designed in a box style shape that sits on the ground appealing to the illusion of a seamless whole. Arrange the pool loungers on one side of the pool to provide a convenient reprieve from a day of swimming. The sun loungers all come outfitted in Neptune™ cushions for the best comfort for outdoor furniture. Place small accent tables in between the sun loungers like our Coco Reclaimed Teak Side Table or the modern, high concept Bunni Concrete Side Table reflecting a resort style setting on your own backyard.


Black Teak Dining Table
Denis Outdoor Reclaimed Teak Dining Table


Balmy nights and endless light, the rhythmic beat of summer is indulgently inescapable. Adding a dining space to your exterior gives you more options for entertaining while remaining at your home. Depending on your homes architecture consider the spatial shape of your home and pool, which will help determine the arrangement of the dining area. The Denis Outdoor Reclaimed Teak Dining Table is made from a black stained reclaimed teak wood that successfully combines an organic and casual tone from the wood while the black stain works to bring a contemporary and bold statement to al fresco dining. Pair this dining table with the Nero Dining Side and Arm Chairs for a sophisticated monochromatic outdoor dining set.


Mauritius Umbrella - grey flat
Mauritius Grey Cantilever Umbrella


Transforming a plain pool area into a relaxing retreat requires the comfort of shade. If you don’t live in an environment that can double as shade like in a mountainous terrain with an abundance of foliage, choosing the right umbrella is necessary. Umbrellas generally come in two styles; a cantilever umbrella and a market style umbrella. A market umbrella is stationary and the canopy is supported by a center pole. These are great for setting near sun loungers and daybeds and for smaller areas. A cantilever umbrella is supported by a side pole that allows the canopy to hang over an entire area without the obstruction of a center pole. These umbrellas have more functions than a market umbrella and can be adjusted to block out 360° of sunlight throughout the day. Many of our canopies are make from Neptune™ fabric to ensure the best shade for your space. The market umbrellas come in a couple shapes so you can best match the shape of the area to the umbrella shape like with our Dixon Neptune™ Square Umbrella for an angularly defined space. The performance of the cantilever umbrellas cannot be overlooked and great for dining al fresco or for an outdoor living room, we suggest considering the Mauritius Cantilever Umbrella.

Square Aqua Poufs
Studio Four Outdoor Square Poufs in Aqua


Outdoor rugs, soft and oversized ottomans, and grade-a teak accents will gracefully tie the space together. The Studio Four Outdoor Square Poufs in Aqua adds color and shape as an interesting décor element. Using outdoor serving trays brings a domesticated appeal to the exterior. Made from powder-coated aluminum, the Handi Outdoor Serving Trays are contemporary and classic and they can sit atop a coffee or dining table to hold ambient outdoor votive candles to create the perfect mood. Or choose a grade-a teak piece like our Teak Serving Tray and Stand that can double as an outdoor side table.  Recently, we added outdoor rugs to our arsenal of outdoor décor accessories and their impact on an outdoor room living room helps to define the area and create a smooth transition between the spaces and pool.


Bishop Square Planters – Copper


For many, the pool will act as the focal point of the yard, drawing in the eye. Adding a lush topiary display of plants and planters instantly brings a relaxed tone to the space. Using concrete planters to place around the parameter of the pool to help create privacy and form. Depending on the aesthetic of the home, choosing the right combination to reflect your current design mode is important for the continuity of the space. The Bishop Square Planters and the Chino Planters are great because they come in three sizes and three colors so you can match your space accordingly. For a casual bohemian display the Origami Outdoor Planters are a cool alternative to the concrete planters, made from synthetic outdoor wicker, that will add texture and tone to the environment.


Each home and pool is going to be different for every homeowner but this guide can act as a starting point to help navigate enhancing your poolside decor. Long days and clear nights deserve to be spent outdoors in complete comfort. Teak Warehouse has been supplying outdoor furniture to the public for over two decades at wholesale prices so you can get the best quality of outdoor furnishings for your home. Continue to browse our online furniture catalog or to visit our showroom in person please call us at (800) 343.7707 to schedule an appointment. You can email us at [email protected] to request a quote to start planning your outdoor space today!

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