The New Way to Relax: The Archi Relaxing Chair

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There will always be an ebb and flow of trends and as far as we’re concerned, we’re here and ready for it. Recently, there’s been an increasing interest in rope furniture, feeling like a modern take on wicker, and giving us a fresh perspective on purposeful materials. The contrasting qualities of rope-accented furniture really offers striking nuances that are specifically found in these pieces. The rope detail is more than decorative; it offers function and form to each piece. Rope has the ability to create design as well as being essential to the frame. The Archi Relaxing Outdoor Club Chair is one of our latest pieces that has been added to our extensive selection of rope furniture, this relaxing chair is modern with a sort of old world charm that keeps it balanced and stylish.

The Archi Relaxing Chair has an oversized and curved frame for comfort while expressing notes of masculinity and a pure simplicity. Each material used for this chair are made for outdoor use, making them pieces to be enjoyed year after year. The rope is UV treated to resist any fading from the sun and the aluminum frame is glossy-coated to resist any corrosion. The thick braided rope is a mixture of various grays that create a soft neutral and wrap around a tubular frame in a vertical weave creating both texture and depth. The frame is strong; each leg stands perpendicular to the seat giving it balance and a defined silhouette. For superior comfort, the Archi Relaxing Club Chair comes with a seating and back cushion, outfitted in performance fabric by Neptune™, for a fabric that’s been engineered to withstand the elements. Each detail effortlessly works together to create this ultramodern relaxing chair to bring your space a gentle shift into something new.

Woven rope has made a major impact in outdoor furniture design. It’s sleek, modern, and has a moody edge. The rising popularity of rope-accented furniture speaks to a larger trend in home design. There’s a pull toward minimal design, leaving ornate, restrictive ideas behind and embracing a new mode, one that expresses clean lines and a penchant for neutral palettes. The focus being design and architecturally heavy aesthetics where it’s more about a mood and temperature of a space. Patterns and bright colors could potentially take away from that idea. Rope has an innate ability to create a design with extreme subtlety that makes it the ideal counterpart to a contemporary minimal space. Strict lines and neutral palettes call for equally toned down pieces. Rope furniture goes above and beyond, making a proud statement; it has practical elements that designers seek and effortlessly finds expression through this innovative and progressive material.

Embracing this new design mode is exciting and will bring an invigorating energy to your space. When styling your rope furniture it’s best to consider the weave and color first. Many of the rope pieces will blend together several colors within the weave like in the Archi Outdoor Chair that has various grays, and when combined, creates this beautiful soft gray. The hues appear strong but do not overwhelm. Beyond color, one will want to consider the weave and that can be varied; as one can choose a tight weave, one that’s not so tight, or everything in between. Woven rope creates the pattern and texture and that choice is completely predicated on individual preference. Rope also has the ability to reflect pieces that you would find in someone’s interior space and with the increasing demand for a seamless movement between interiors and exteriors; rope furniture is a great option and can achieve that effect. When considering what to pair with something like the Archi Rope Club Chair, it’s important to consider the frame, and in this case it’s a glossy-coated black aluminum frame you may want to pair it with another glossy-coated black accent table or coffee table for a cohesive look. For a contrast, many of our teak pieces look great next to the woven rope, the variation of the wood and the warm honey tone work extremely well with one another. Each choice for styling will come down to person preference but keep in mind the details of each piece and how you want your space to feel.

The Archi Relaxing Chair has a way of giving your space a modern cleverness while also lending itself to a type of classical fixture that belongs in every home. At Teak Warehouse we have a completely knowledgeable staff that can assist you in putting together a complete look for your outdoor space. Teak Warehouse looks forward to helping you each step of the way to find the right pieces of the collection for your personal design goals. Browse our online outdoor furniture catalog to view each piece or visit our showroom in person. We are open daily and look forward to speaking with you. Request a quote online, or call 800.343.7707, or email us at [email protected].


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