Top 5 Wicker Chairs

Top 5 Wicker Chairs. Black wicker dining chair examples.

Wicker is one of those materials that can immediately feel like something that was only part of the past, a time when woven rattan, long wrap around verandas, and a parasol umbrella were common. Since then wicker, the technique, and the material have made a truly impressive evolution. Wicker at times has been mistaken for the material but it is actually the method of weaving a particular fiber, and in our case, to create woven outdoor furniture. Most manufacturers use a resin wicker rather than rattan because of its ability to sustain a variety of weather conditions and performs the best for outdoor use.

There are three types of manufactured resin wickers that we use here at Teak Warehouse; Viro®, Rehau®, and Ecolene®. These are great wicker resins because they are resistant to outdoor elements and if treated properly, they will resist moisture, damage from UV rays, they will not tear or rot, they are environmentally friendly, and are toxin free. Made of synthetic polyethylene fiber, they maintain an incredible natural look but won’t come with all the disadvantages that rattan can have like cracking and corrosion. These qualities are also highly important to commercial spaces; they require pieces to be low maintenance in order to enjoy the furniture year after year. This material is very easy to care for and only requires to be wiped down or lightly sprayed with a hose.

We have lined up our top 5 choices for outdoor wicker chairs. Each piece on our list gives a unique perspective on wicker and exhibits how the different materials can be used to create unique objects. The popularity that this technique has experienced is impressive and deserves some recognition with its long history and incredible journey.

Retro wicker dining side chair in black.


A modern straightforward persona influenced by a midcentury modern design, the Retro Dining Chair is as sophisticated as much as it is cool. The defined angles are sharp, creating a sleek silhouette that gives it it’s defining characteristics. The color of this chair creates an unintended depth and texture, referred to as “Cocobolo,” a mixture of brown and black synthetic wicker. The retro dining chairs sleek frame made of powder coated steel provides the foundation for this piece where the fibers are tightly woven around it creating the illusion of a uniform whole.



SydneySydney Outdoor Wicker Dining Chair in black.

The design of the Sydney Dining Chair is quite iconic and for that reason, it had to be on our list. Heavily influenced by the old café cane dining chairs that were originally made with rattan has a chic European style that gives this chair a sort of old world charm. Curved, looped, and rounded Ecolene® wicker creates this truly unforgettable silhouette and one that makes a strong statement for any outdoor space. Pairing these chairs with it’s perfect match of a dining table is exciting in the sense that it creates a gorgeous material contrast between table and chair for a stunning outdoor space. Pairing it with a traditional reclaimed teak table offers a romantic and serene space or use the Sydney Chair as a feminine accent to a masculine concrete dining table for a beautifully balanced space.


Olivia black wicker dining side chair.


The Olivia Dining Chair is gorgeously simple but enjoys the recognition of being highly functional and easy. This piece has a very intricate weave that’s tight making it durable and strong. The minimalism that the Olivia Dining Chair expresses is pure and uncomplicated, there’s a youthful vibe about it that makes for an incredibly appealing chair. This is the piece that allows other pieces to shine but always compliments its counterparts. The Olivia Dining Chairs transformative quality is so useful because it goes with so many different styles. Whether that be with a cool round white concrete contemporary dining table or a traditional honey toned teak dining table these chairs fit in effortlessly.


EdgeEdge outdoor wicker black dining arm chair.

The Edge Dining Chair makes our list because this chair expresses a true modern use of materials and technique. These chairs use Ecolene® synthetic outdoor wicker that is a fine fiber that gives it a delicate look. The weave it tight making these chairs strong and durable while the powder coated steel frame anchors the chair. The Edge Dining Chair comes in three colors; sampulut, chalk, and black and also the option to have this chair come with or without arms ensuring you have plenty of options when decorating your space. The seat of the chair is made with a super tight weave while the back is designed with more spacing creating a geometric design that resembles a crochet weave. The Edge Dining Chair is a great compliment to out teak dining table and are versatile enough to use indoors and outdoors.

Nairobi black wicker dining side chair


The Nairobi Chair would undoubtedly end up on the list given its extensive options and cool weave. These chairs really stand out, and for all the right reasons. The design is modern but not overwhelming, there’s a refined sensibility about these artful fixtures. The Nairobi Chairs come in a variety of styles; the Nairobi Woven Chairs come in a side dining chair, arm dining chair, barstool, wing relaxing chair, and relaxing chair and the Nairobi Pure Weave comes in an arm dining chair and relaxing chair. The amount of options in this line is incredible giving you the ability to create a truly cohesive space using the various styles. Each chair is stylish in its own way and pairs well with so many other pieces at Teak Warehouse. The Nairobi Wing Relaxing Chairs exhibits the most unique design of them all. They look great indoors as well as outdoors; they make great additions to sofa sectionals by accenting the space. It has a long vertical lose weave against a powder coated steel frame with exaggerated arms and back giving it that all embracing comfort. The chair feels like a piece of art, a nod to bohemian root with an ethereal nature. Create a perfectly executed exterior space with the Nairobi Collection.

Wicker has enjoyed a long history in furniture design and remains popular today. Though our materials and technique has changed and evolved these pieces stand the test of time. Each of our wicker pieces is made in Indonesia ensuring the best materials and techniques are used. At Teak Warehouse we have a knowledgeable staff that can assist you in putting together a complete look for your outdoor space. Teak Warehouse looks forward to helping you each step of the way to find the right pieces of the collection for your personal design goals. Browse our catalog of outdoor dining chairs to view each piece or visit our showroom in person. We are open daily and look forward to speaking with you. Request a quote online, or call 800.343.7707, or email us at [email protected].

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