Somerset A-Grade Teak Benches

The A-List in chunky, contemporary and cultivated benches; the Somerset A-Grade Teak Bench is an excellent choice for many styles of home.

Elegant and robust, versatile and stylish; the Somerset A-Grade Teak Bench in a trestle style is a sight to behold and highlights the best qualities of the Somerset line. The entire Somerset Teak Collection takes a design cue from the original french trestle table, showing through in this collection with its massive surfaces comprised of thick planks of A-Grade Teak with the heavy support beams engineered to hold up these heavy, superb table tops. We’d call this style of table a trend, but we’re the only company producing furniture which highlights teak in such a prodigious manner.

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When you’re taking in the view of the uncommonly sized planking of this table, you can truly appreciate the understated majesty of the A-Grade teak. Simply put, this line is unlike anything you’ve ever seen made of teak. The sheer size and construction of the entire line underscores the legacy quality and longevity of Teak and forces anyone who sees it to leave with a sense of awe. The Somerset A-Grade Teak Bench compliments this line by carrying itself in a way that really pays homage to the wood and brings the user that much closer to the story of the tree.

A-Grade Teak is taken from the center wood of the teak trees that have reached a ripe age (usually over 40 years) to guarantee the wood has developed oil and rubber throughout, and making it the perfect choice for furniture construction in or outdoors. The beauty of A-Grade Teak is in the stunning hue it starts with and the silvery-gray it changes untreated outdoors. This color change does not affect the integrity of the wood, it is naturally strengthened to cope with changing temperatures. These are pieces you can expect to own forever! At Teak Warehouse, we now offer many options to cater to your furniture needs! Whether you like the sleek and chic nature of #316 marine grade Stainless Steel and Batyline® mesh, or the robust chunky quality of aged Reclaimed Teak – we can help you find a look that not only suits the flavor of your space, but your own desires for extending your living space to the exterior!

Pair up the Somerset A-Grade Teak Bench with the matching Teak Table in the Somerset collection for a perfect, pleasing match or with one of our Blok range of Raw Concrete Dining Tables for a contemporary look you will be proud to call your own. Perhaps you are configuring a big, bold outdoor space for your restaurant. You want to encourage big numbers to come and dine with you. We recommend a magnificent 117” A-Grade Teak Table, with two long Somerset A-Grade Teak Benches in 114 inch size – a tremendous vision that will thrill your guests!

Our Somerset A-Grade Teak Bench is just one of many items that speaks to a need for strong design focus and stability. Purchase yours today.


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