Cabo Teak Outdoor Furniture Collection

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Shown above: 1 Cabo Teak Daybed Left, 1 Cabo Teak Daybed Right, 1 Cabo Teak Sectional Corner, and 1 Cabo Teak Club Chair.
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Craving somewhere you can take a step back from the hustle and bustle of your life, and absorb the tranquil luxury of being at home? You can easily implement a little bit of glamor and modern architecture in your outdoors with the Cabo Teak Outdoor Furniture Collections.



Modern and minimalistic architecture coupled with luxurious, uber deep seating make the Cabo Teak Outdoor Furniture Collection an excellent choice for ensuring a contemporary and serene environment. Sleek cuts of A-Grade Teak are constructed into a low-lying, strong and sturdy frame and padded with Neptune™ cushions, angled to create a expansive and luxurious look without the huge footprint.

The Cabo Collection features the wonderful Cabo Teak Daybeds available in Left or Right Arm options, Cabo Corner, Cabo Teak Coffee Table and the spacious Cabo Outdoor Lounge Chair. Pictured here are two opposing Cabo Teak Daybeds, with a Teak C-Table, and for a little extra contrast we’ve added pieces from our extensive raw concrete collection!

After a sectional that packs a perfect punch? Design an ‘L’ shape in your space by placing a Left Arm Daybed next to a Cabo Sectional Corner and placing a Right Arm Teak Daybed on the opposite side of your corner, and place two C-Tables tucked in the back – they look like they were built to be part of this collection! Finish off with a Cabo Teak Coffee Table, dressed with a couple of our stunning resin Hurricane Lamps and you’ve created the perfect area for light evening entertaining!

Perhaps you’re after the perfect space to cozy up with a book and a blanket on cool Autumn nights? Or even to snuggle up with a loved one! The Cabo Outdoor Lounge Chair is so inviting you will want to stay for days!

The many options make the Cabo Teak Outdoor Furniture Collection ideal for the contemporary home allowing you the freedom to mix, match and arrange the pieces to suit your outdoor space. Add our A-Grade Teak C-table that conveniently slides under the furniture while allowing you to rest your books, drinks or light meals on it.

The Cabo Teak Outdoor Furniture Collection is built using the finest A-Grade Teak, with marine grade fittings and glues and topped off with FREE Neptune™ cushions in your choice of Coal, Canvas and Taupe. Want more variety? Click on the Neptune™ logo on each individual items pages and you can view our many other chic color options, available at no extra charge with just a short lead time!


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